This list of mentions is entirely from Paul Hooker’s “The Location of the Brook of Egypt” and Nadav Na’aman’s “Ancient Israel and its Neighbors”.
734-Tiglath-Pileser conquers Gaza, sets up a stele at the Brook of Egypt, tells us the territory of Siruatti the Me’unite is below Egypt.
733/2-Tiglath-Pileser entrusts the sheikh (of)? Idibi’ilu (Adbe’el)? with “gatekeepership over Egypt”.
726-697-Simeonites under Hezekiah expel Me’unim from the east side of the entrance of Gerar.
720-Sargon put down a revolt of Hanun of Gaza, “at the city of Raphia he made havoc of the land of Egypt”, considered the Brook of Egypt/Nahal Besor to be the Egypto-Philistine border.
716/15-Sargon brings merchants to Egypt’s sealed off harbor and settles deportees on the border of the Brook of Egypt.
Last Years of Sargon-the range of my conquests has extended “from the land of Rashi near the Elamite border… as far as the Brook of Egypt”.
679-Esarhaddon plunders the town of Arza, which may be just short for Yurza (Tell Jemmeh, 31°23’14″N, 34°26’43″E), “situated at the border zone of the Brook of Egypt”, deports its king, his son, and all its inhabitants.
671-Esarhaddon advances southward “a distance of 30 half-days (also translated as “leagues”, “beru”, “double-hours”, and even “miles”) from the town of Aphek which is at the border of Samaria as far as the town of Raphia, to the border zone of the Brook of Egypt, a place without a flowing river.