NOTE (as of 2/24/11, due to the fact the almighty Google keeps this post as the #2 result when a  person searches “Jebel al Lawz”): If you got to this blog by searching “Jebel al-Lawz”, see AJaL (the most comprehensive rebuttal of the hypothesis Jebel al-Lawz is Mount Sinai on the internet). If you seek the location of Beer Lahai Roi, read on.

The well was on the Way of Shur (see AJaL) “between Kadesh (Quseima Area) and Bered” (Gen 16:14), in the Negev (Gen 24:62), a land considered to be at a higher elevation than Kadesh-Barnea (Num 13:17). It was probably in the Wilderness of Beersheba (Gen 21:14). Looking at Musil’s map, the only location that fits the bill is Ma’ Martaba, 31° 9’58″N, 34°41’40″E, which is coincidentally near a Tell Breig (Bered?), 31°12’19″N, 34°45’57″E. It is most assuredly not ‘Ain Muweileh/Moilahhi, 30°40’55″N, 34°19’30″E.