Naucratis, stretching roughly from 30°54’13″N, 30°35’34″E to 30°53’41″N, 30°35’41″E and from 30°54’0″N, 30°35’25″E to 30°53’58″N, 30°35’54″E, called Tell Nebireh today, was the primary Greek colony in Egypt. The Canopic branch of the Nile flowed directly to the West of it. It was under Psammetichus I which the first Greeks settled. Strabo records that the Milesians founded it by sailing in the reign of Psammetichus up to the Saitic nome. The ware at Naucratis being almost entirely Chian corroborates Strabo’s statement of Naucratis being a Miletan colony. Pharaoh Amosis, favoring the Naucratians over all the Greeks, monopolized Greek trade there. The site continued throughout the Persian, Roman, and Byzantine eras, and was abandoned in the 7th century, however, this period is not well recorded.