Ron Wyatt: Junk About the Blood of Jesus

For background, read this post. There are a number of problems wrong with this video:

1. The blood sample looks like a solid piece of chalk, brick, or tile.

2. Mary Nell isn’t even attempting to prevent contamination of the blood sample with her own DNA.

3. Richard Rives believes in 714-X quackery.

4. For explanation of the phenomenon observed, see this video.

5. There is no independent confirmation of where Ron recovered this sample.

As for the chromosome claims:

1. The laboratory (in Jerusalem, according to Wyatt, in Tennessee, according to Gray) which did the chromosome count has never revealed itself or been revealed. Therefore, there is no independent confirmation of the Wyatt chromosome claim. None whatsoever. No excuse is good enough for failing to provide independent confirmation of the true nature of blood (not necessarily Jesus’s) placed upon the Ark of the Covenant, which Ron certainly did not find anyway.

2. A 24-chromosome person is a scientific impossibility. According to the Standishes, Holy Relics or Revelation, pg. 53, the absence of a single non-sex chromosome (autosome) is totally incompatible with life.

3. The idea the blood was alive, and, therefore, could be used for a chromosome count, is suspect. Jonathan Gray’s account says the substance Ron found was black, and, therefore, dead. Dead blood cannot revive. The Wyatt museum’s sample, is, however, reddish.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

8 thoughts on “Ron Wyatt: Junk About the Blood of Jesus”

  1. A 24-chromosome person is a scientific impossibility. Of course, you’ve said it yourself.

      1. You can prove anything with faith, even if it is wrong…
        You can only see chromosomes during cell mitosis, when they bunch up to divide. White cell don’t undergo mitosis after they leave the bone marrow and enter the blood stream. And red blood cells don’t have nuclei, and so no chromosomes either.These facts are easily verifiable by any medical student/Doctor. But don’t let the facts stand in the way of faith. You can always blow these off by saying that Jesus was the son of God, and not bound by reality.

        1. I find your comment to be a good one; according to the Encyclopedia Britannica,

          White cells are highly differentiated for their specialized functions, and they do not undergo cell division (mitosis) in the bloodstream; however, some retain the capability of mitosis.

          1. In the encyclopedia statement “however…….some retain the ability to retain the capability of Mitosis. If you recall Ron Wyatt told the lab to put the cells in a growth medium. Could not the white cells be stimulated to go into mitosis in the growth medium? Just food for thought?

  2. Jeffrey……Actually, I was waiting for someone to reply…We in fact use” Marrow Max” growth medium ..a GIBCO product. in my lab for differentiation of white blood cells all of the time.

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