The Location of Jahaz

Finkelstein has postulated Jahaz, mentioned by Mesha in his stele, along with Ataroth ( 31°34’27″N, 35°39’54″E) (“And the king of Israel had built Jahaz, and he dwelt in it while he was fighting with me, but Kemosh drove him out before me. so I took from Moab two hundred men, all his captains. And I brought them to Jahaz, And I seized it in order to add (it) to Dibon.”), is Medeineh on the Wadi eth-Themed (31°35’20″N, 35°54’28″E, see Musil’s map), largely due to its Omridic architecture. According to Deut 2:24-35, Jahaz was somewhere at the southern border of the imaginary (legendary?) Kingdom of Heshbon, toward the Arnon, somewhere in the north(?) of the wilderness of Kedemoth. Numbers 21:20 probably refers to a mount other than Nebo. Technically, there is nothing preventing this Medeineh from being Jahaz, unless another Omridic site is found in the E. Arnon area.


Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

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