Throughout the history of the Sinai and Jerusalem, there are very notable gaps in tradition.

1. Mount Sinai. Due to the fact the Jews considered the current place of YHWH’s dwelling to be in the Temple, pilgrimage to Mount Sinai was scoffed at. Josephus did not know anything of Sinai’s location except speculation.

2. Kadesh and Mount Hor-The locations of these were completely forgotten and both were transferred to the Nabataean city of Petra, as attested by Josephus and Eusebius, and as Steve Rudd will constantly remind you. The tradition continues to this day, the spring of Petra at 30°19’35″N, 35°29’44.04″E being called Ayun Musa and the southeasternmost mountain of the Petraean block being called “Jebel Nebi Harouon”. In the Byzantine period, the tradition was sometimes applies to Pharan.

3. The Oak of Mamre-this oak is always getting moved about, Josephus’s being near 31°31’49.25″N, 35° 5’48.25″E, Constantine’s being 31°33’24″N, 35° 6’18″E, and the current being at 31°32’9.79″N, 35° 5’9.01″E.

4. The Gate of St. Stephen-This moved from the Damascus to the Lion’s gate in the 15th century 200 years after the oldchurch was destroyed.

5. Fortress Antonia-Bargil Pixner says this was moved from a Hasmonean palace in the Tyropoeon near the SW corner of the Herodian Temple Mount ala Pilgrim of Bordeaux to Fortress Antonia after the Crusader Era.

6. Zion-From the City of David to the Temple Mount to the Western Hill.