The Story of the Caldwells

The story goes as thus: in 1987, Jim Caldwell brought his family to Saudi Arabia to work at the world’s largest oil refinery. In early December of 1991, he had an epiphany telling him that the Ark of the Covenant will be returned to where it was built. He, not having even known then the Ark was assembled at Sinai, began poring over Exodus. He and his family then took a trip to Egypt. On his way, it snowed at Haql, the snowflakes being similar to the Star of David due to slightly warmer temperatures of the lower atmosphere making their distinctions less noticeable. He then came to the traditional site, and, like most explorers (Robinson, Cornuke&Williams and numerous others), not reading the earliest Byzantine traditions in Egeria’s travelogue (read Section 7 of AJaL), concluded the traditional site did not match the biblical record (it does, if one considers the earliest traditions). In Sharm el-Sheikh (the Caldwells’ car was left behind at Customs), Penny Caldwell came upon Richard Burton’s “Gold Mines of Midian“, which she did not read, and Anati’s book on Har Karkom, exposing the Caldwells both to the fact Midian was east of the Gulf of Aqaba and that there is no definitive evidence Mount Sinai was in the South Sinai. Since they thought Exodus placed Mount Sinai in Midian (it doesn’t, see AJaL, Section 2), they went back to Saudi Arabia and began their seven-year long exploration of the area. The Caldwells discovered the Split Rock and made the most detailed records of the Maqla area, even though they were latecomers to the region (Cornuke, Williams and Wyatt all came before them). In their first year exploring the site, they gave Ron Wyatt the documentation he needed (for it was he who discovered the site) with no stipulations. Their novel conclusions are that Maqla (Black Peak, see AJaL, Section 4) and the highest peak of Lawz are, correspondingly, Sinai and Horeb. As for the others-see Section 5 of AJaL and here. Jim also came up with a column length-tribe size hypothesis to explain the columns at the foot of Maqla. Penny has about as far, far less biblical knowledge as the Pilgrim of Bordeaux (Bethel at Rephidim? Three Days in the desert before Rephidim?). The Caldwells also think Saudi Arabia is part of the Promised Land due to the footprint petroglyphs they found and Muslim traditions. Apparently, according to them, no pre-Islamic Arabian civilizations ever existed in the Arabian Peninsula (and the 1948 conquest was that of an empty land??). The Caldwells have no understanding of the Biblical geography whatsoever. They think guessing games with the Bible (no journey to Kadesh before wandering!!!) are superior to actually consulting archaeologists or the Biblical narrative (they quote verses quite a bit, but never even bother to understand their context). Truly, their ignorance (Paul wrote Galatians in Elijah’s cave!!! Jesus was transfigured at Sinai!!!)* is astounding. Truly, I now firmly believe Penny Caldwell is the stupidest woman in the world (Jack Chick is certainly the stupidest man).

*As anyone should know, Paul wrote Galatians in 56 AD at Corinth.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

21 thoughts on “The Story of the Caldwells”

      1. After seeing the Caldwell’s newly updated DVD Exploring Arabia’s Sinai, it’s as clear as day they found the place where the Exodus happened. I’ve found a pattern of those who have rejected God, who hate Him, wanting to continue to cover-up to the world Exodus is real and not a “myth” archaeologists have dismissed it as. They were simply looking in the wrong place. The purpose of why God’s used the Caldwell’s for His purpose is to make sure no one has any excuse to reject He’s real. Just one less excuse to claim people weren’t forewarned He is real as is heaven and hell.

        1. I don’t hate God. I’m an atheist who does not think it exists. Just like you don’t believe Zeus exists.

          See my Against Jebel al-Lawz page for refutations of Caldwell’s “evidence”. I don’t know if the Exodus was real.

          Heaven and hell aren’t real; they’re ridiculous mythologies.

          1. It all started when you learned Santa Clause didn’t exist and that trauma turned into a psychosis. Your former belief was completely obliterated in order that your mind be opened to programming by others. You’ll do whatever possible to avoid that trauma again so you fight against God’s existence this way. After you die you’ll have to find out the hard way there is a God and you missed the boat because your fate will be sealed forever. You can only accept God when your living here on earth.

            1. I stopped believing in God before I stopped believing in Santa Claus. Try again. The former was more ridiculous than the latter. Stop and think for a minute about how ridiculous a magic man in the sky is. I had no real traumas either way. I simply did not grow up in a church-going or especially religious family. Stop presuming you know how other people came to their beliefs and listen for a change. Ever wonder why most Chinese and Japanese don’t believe in God?

              Do computers go to heaven? A brain is merely a meat computer.

              This is all beside the point. Look at the Against Jebel al-Lawz page, or risk being banned.

            2. To the author who believes God is more ridiculous than the idea of a Santa Claus: Really? And you expect visitors to accept your objectivity on the topic of Mt. Sinai? Is that reasonable to expect me as a visitor to consider your counter point valid being objective? Because you are in the clear minority being atheist, consider your perspective is skewed and quite outrageous reflecting your psychological condition. Because even the Saudi’s have acknowledged for many generations the location of Moses Exodus is where the Caldwell’s claim that they’ve been protecting as pristine.

              So please explain how you can go about denying this location claimed by the Caldwell’s when the Saudi’s themselves admit it is the location of Moses’ Exodus? If the locals believe it, that they clearly have no reason to do so. You being closed minded aren’t motivated by truth to write this counter article, only your internal struggle wanting to disprove God exists.

            3. “Because you are in the clear minority being atheist”

              -Not in the most populated country on Earth.

              “Because even the Saudi’s have acknowledged for many generations the location of Moses Exodus is where the Caldwell’s claim that they’ve been protecting as pristine.”

              -Read. The. Page:


              “You being closed minded aren’t motivated by truth to write this counter article, only your internal struggle wanting to disprove God exists.”

              -Not true. I already know no Gods exist, and they still wouldn’t exist even if Jebel Maqla or Jebel al-Lawz was Mt. Sinai or Horeb. And these aren’t contradictory.

            4. pithom

              You talk about computers being similar to brain. Well who told your eyes to be located where it is now? Who told your stomach to be located right after your mouth so you can eat all the fat in america? The most complex computer can not even match one single cell. You my friend are an empty barrel that gives high sound to say a sophisticated machine like human was not created bu a higher being. Go back to doing drugs and alcohol and cloud your mind even further man.

    1. Very strange you chose to comment now. I found your website a couple months ago while looking at my site stats, but I never managed to publish a post rebutting your misguided criticisms.

      1. Sorry for this comment if it is so late!
        Seeing your policies concerning the comments we can manage to send on your website, as I said, I was almost sure that you would see my site by the way of your
        Seeing not any answer, I believed you did not want to give a response.
        But now, the subject concerning Jim and Penny Caldwell is very hurting when you speak a certain way about them. I did not know anything about the Caldwells when, a long time ago, I saw the things about Sinai in Saudi Arabia, and it was via the
        website of the late Ron Wyatt. Like many, I thought he had done everything concerning the sites of Jebel al Lawz and Jebel Maqla. It is true that he was the
        first to visit the place, but he never went to the west side of these mountains, and had not any idea in regard to this area ( ( the region that the Caldwells (rightly) call Rephidim, especially because of the Split Rock) ). Now, Ron Wyatt asked for photos and films of the site from the Caldwells, and B. Cornuke, the same. Both of them had their films and photos confiscated or lost, because of the Saudi authorities.
        What made me upset is not that you do not agree with the sites in Saudi Arabia as the real mountains of Sinai/Horeb. Everyone can believe and make his own statements about places, dates, etc, biblical or not. But when one introduces arguments in matters such as who was there first or last, when you don’t believe in these places at all, we can ask: Why? Why do you worry about that? Why don’t you just give your opinion about Saudi Arabia theory, as you marvellously do, instead of arguing about who was there or not? I think that everybody can compare ideas and opinions in regards to sites, why Sinai or any location should be at a place and not elsewhere, and debate, and it would be fine.
        It is why I sent my post. And as you certainly have seen Penny Caldwell’s Google drive post, via the link I quote, you can see that the adventures in north-west Saudi mountains range are different than what one could think before we get the good information.
        So, my goal is not to criticise your opinion in regard to the Sinai location, but to make clear things concerning what have been done by the different adventurers around al Lawz and Maqla. It is why I desired to link to Penny’s post.
        Now, I think everything is clarified concerning the matter.
        I wish the best for you.
        Frederic Parpinel

        1. I never argued “about who was there or not”. I think I made it at least as clear as you did that “the adventures in north-west Saudi mountains range are different than what one could think before we get the good information”. I clearly attributed the split rock discovery to the Caldwells and mentioned their roles in several other “discoveries” in Midian.

        2. The Caldwell’s recently updated their DVD now entitled “Exploring Arabia’s Sinai presenting their case they’ve confirmed the location of where Exodus took place. They’ve used all the markers in God’s Word to prove they’ve located, including a large burial ground.

          1. See AJaL (the Against Jebel al-Lawz page). It contains all the necessary rebuttals. And I’m an atheist Trump supporter. Until we have some kind of archaeological exploration of the burial ground, we won’t know when it dates to, much less from what group it could have come from.

            1. I just watched the recently updated 4 hour DVD of the presentation by the Caldwells and it is very obvious they’ve fulfilled nearly all of the Biblical markers to determine this is the location where the Exodus took place. Since you’re an atheist you simply don’t want to believe in God so you will always find reasons to reject the information. The reason God’s used the Caldwells is too many have conspired to cover-up the truth and if there’s anything God really hates is those who actually work together to cover-up the truth.

  1. Refusing to see evidence provided, coupled with the enemy #1 of the bible aka saudi arabia not wanting to allow the evidence to be seen, in it self says, this is the right place.

    Yes, the Russians planted the evidence.

  2. The religiously damaged refuse to see fraudsters for what they are.I guess it is all part of the brain function that allows them to believe in their magic sky wizard. This psychological state makes them open to exploitation by vile scum such as Wyatt, (now happily deceased but his family are still cashing in), and the Caldwells among many, many others. Sad that so many are so gullible in this day and age.

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