Gezer is by far the best argument the MCCers have for keeping the High Chronology. However, one can make a reasonable chronology of Gezer without resorting to Solomon.

XIV-LB III, Egypto-Canaanite. (1209?-c. 1120)

XIII-First Philistine-influenced stratum

XII-Second Philistine-influenced Stratum.

XI-Third Philistine-influenced Stratum. Extremely great destruction.

X First New Canaanite stratum (no Philistine influence). (10th Century)

IX-Second New Canaanite stratum (no Philistine influence). Unburnished red slip appears. Destruction by Shishak.

VIII-“Solomonic”, almost certainly (as of August 2011), Omride.

Also, more historical speculation:

1. Iron IIA began in the Philistine-controlled areas and areas dependent on the coastlands (this means Nahas Trading Network!) first, then spread from there in the 930s and possibly before. The latest Iron I strata (Benjamin, Transjordan, Gezer) were destroyed not by David, but by Shishak.

2. The only piece of writing from 10th Century Judah was a temple chronicle.

3. The material which made up Samuel was almost entirely a compilation of legitimate and illegitimate northern and almost entirely illegitimate priestly traditions.

4. Perhaps, the crowning of Jeroboam I as ruler of Tirzah (and Shoshenq I’s hill country campaign) came as a result of a more Saul-friendly (compared to Solomon) Rehoboam causing inconveniences for Egyptian rule.