Eleven Questions for Velikovskyans

1. Why are Ramesside strata (those with pottery similar to that of 19th-20th Dynasty Egyptian forts)  far below those of the later Judean Monarchy in Palestine, far below even Assyrian era strata?

2. Why does Radiocarbon dating support the conventional chronology in Egypt?

3. Why do we not find similar varieties of pottery in both 19th and 26th Dynasty forts on the Way of Horus?

4. Why does the placement of 19th Dynasty forts on the Way of Horus contradict the existence of Pelusium, known to exist in the 26th Dynasty?

5. Why do Pharaohs you claim to identify with each other have entirely different cartouches?

6. Why does Radiocarbon dating in Palestine support the conventional chronology?

7. What do you identify the Iron I with, if not the days of the Judges through David?

8. What do you identify the Iron IIa with, if not the days of Shishak through Hazael, as demonstrated by radiocarbon dating?

9. Where do the Philistines (whose archaeological history is linked with that of Assyria) fit in the archaeological record, and why do they only begin to appear after Ramesside strata?

10. Why is Samaria not settled until Iron I?

11. Why does Naukratis show no sign of being inhabited during the Ramesside period?