It is well agreed that after Sargon II’s Tartan conquered Ashdod in 711/12 BC, he made it an Assyrian province, which, likely during the 704-1 BC revolt, once again became a vassal kingdom. Tel Mor, the most likely candidate for pre-Persian Ashdod-Yam, was destroyed. According to Finkelstein and Singer-Avitz, Ashdod proper, though not utterly destroyed in 711/12 BC, steadily declined to abandonment by the early 7th century BC. Ashdod may, as suggested by Finkelstein, have been moved to Ashdod Yam/Qal’at al-Mina. An Assyrian palace was built just NE of Ashdod proper.

Note: Tel Mor is actually some 400-500 meters East-Northeast of where I place it in the below map. It’s to the N. of the road, not, as in the map, to the S. of it.

According to recent excavations at Jonah’s Hill, an Assyrian fortress was built there. These excavations could provide information on Assyrian architectural plans, pottery, ethnic and cultural composition, and purposes in fortress building.