It is a very strong opinion of mine that the Iron IIB (c. 820 BC-c. 680 BC, in varying regions) needs to be subdivided. How, is a different question. The Iron IIB witnessed a diverging of paths between the fates of Israel, Judah, and, in its early stage, Galilee (see Chronology page). At present, no scheme to sub-divide the Iron IIB has been universally accepted among scholars. The problem with this lack of sub-division is the fact we cannot distinguish between:

The period before the complete disappearance of Red Slip Hand Burnish In Judah, but after that phase in Israel.

the Arad X-IX phase, dating to before the Assyrian Conquest

the Arad VIII phase, dating to between the Assyrian conquests

The ‘Ira VII phase, dating to after the Assyrian conquests.

Perhaps, we should go with “JIrIIB1” (Judahite Iron IIB 1 or Early) and “IsIrIIB1) (Israelite Iron IIB 1 or Early) or suchlike phrasing? At least that’s better than no subdivision at all, since historical dates usually have an error margin of one or two years.