I wonder whether parallels could be made between the modern-day movement centered around Ron Wyatt and the ancient movement centered around Jesus. Both figures were relatively obscure in the grand scheme of things, have/had evangelists originating in the middle class and coming to Wyattism/Christianity for no clear reason (eg, for Jesus; Paul of Tarsus, the Twelve, for Wyatt; Jonathan Gray, Jim Pinkoski, Lennart Moller, Aaron Sen), and have/had followers composed almost entirely of those who appear to have lost their brains and have had them replaced with pure zeal and credulity. Supposedly, both figures have had some conflicts with the established state in Israel. Wyatt also has ‘Gospels’ of sorts (Jonathan Gray’s book, Mary Nell’s account), and there likely will be, considering his well-structured story, ‘Wyatt ahistoricists’ some 200 or more years in the future. Perhaps, as more layers of story get added to Mary Nell’s account, Wyatt might also get some accounts of his physical resurrection and divine birth at some point in the future. Perhaps Wyattism might become an influential Christian sect, similar to the SDA movement or Mormonism, considering its rapid spread by means of YouTube.