Above: A map of lmlk jar-mark concentrations at sites with 9 or more lmlk jar-marks (excluding Tell el-Ful, Khirbet al-Burj, and Shephelah Socoh). Blue is HBRN (Hebron), Orange is ZYF (Ziph), Yellow is SUKE (Socoh), Green is MMST (completely unattested anywhere but in the impressions), and Maroon represents lmlk impressions either unpublished, eroded, or Generic (the latest variety). Lachish is the only completely published site which contained no Generics. Gibeon was also completely published, and contained 7 Generic impressions. The red lines are the twelve districts of Judah.

or, if you prefer:

Here’s a challenge: Try to guess where the relevant cities are on the basis of provenance of the lmlk impressions alone. I would suspect Hebron was at Nezib or Keilah, Socoh perhaps at Chephirah, Ziph at Tekoa or just E. of it, and the unidentified MMST in the NE part of the Halhul/Gedor district.