A few days ago, I emailed Julia Fridman as thus:

According to the Tel Sochoh website, a survey was conducted at the Tel in 2011, the results of which were, among other finds, ten lmlk handles and six other stamped handles. As an American layperson who is quite interested in the history of the lmlk phenomenon, the complete publication of these finds is of great importance to me. Thus, my first question to you is, when, exactly, will photographs of all these stamped handles be published? My other question to you is why is the emblem of the Tel Sochoh website Lemaire’s type S Ib (Grena’s Type S4L), even though the only lmlk Socoh handle found in the survey is a two-winged handle?

Her response:

Thank you for the interest you have shown in our work, I am unable to tell you when exactly the handles we discovered on the survey will be published as that is up to our surveyor Yoav Tzur. We hope in the near future. As far as the Sochoh image we used on the website, it does not matter which one it is as the project is about the production of all jars with lmlk stamps found on them. We used it because we prefer the design, and because it has the name of Sochoh written on it. That is all, no deeper meaning.

We hope to add more interesting finds after our first season will commence and publish them as promptly as we are able.