Sources for Second Nahas Video

Areas A&S radiocarbon dates.

Area M radiocarbon dates.

The Nahas Areas A&S Plans.

The Kuntillet ‘Ajrud plan.

The info on the Kuntillet ‘Ajrud pottery.

The info on the cultic site at ‘Ain el-Qudeirat (Kadesh Barnea? Azmon? Hazar-Addar?).

On Lateral Access Podium (sometimes wrongly called “bit hilani” or “four-room house”) buildings.

The Nahas pottery and stratigraphy.

The analysis of the Nahas pottery.

The mysterious Edomite pottery.

The Edomite pottery at Aroer.

For map of sites where Iron IIb-Early Hellenistic Edomite pottery is found, see here.

For information about Aroer, see here and here.

The Assyro-Gazite and Ashkelonite imitation Assyro-Gazite pottery is from Ashkelon 3.

Levy’s Landminds interview.

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