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The people at the Tel Azekah YouTube channel have deleted one of mine and all of George Grena’s comments! This means war!!!

Note: George’s comments were the relevant parts of his comments on the linked post, my deleted comment was “Was that a reference to the Tabor ‘fish’ fiasco earlier this year?” in response to Grena’s “Absalom’s Tomb phase” reply to my still-visible comment.

Update: Apparently, my still-visible comment is only visible to me. It is “A four-winged MMST? These are pretty rare! A clear photograph is a necessity (to determine whether the seal used to stamp the jar was of Grena’s Cursory or Lapidarist phase).”

Update: G. M. Grena posted a series of upside down jpegs on his blog chronicling the saga.

Update (one day later): Peace has probably been made.