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I happen to admit I do not like Jim West. This is only partially due to the fact Jim West does not like me, and is more due to Jim’s long line of deleted blogs than anything else. As anyone who knows anything about Jim West knows, Jim West does not like self-described atheists. Thus, the following (note that Jim West changes blog themes every half-hour and deletes his blog every two years-don’t expect the above link to work after 2013; see backup here). My reply was meant to cover the lack of difference between atheists and agnostics, the meaning of the phrase “separation of religion and state”, and the consistency of my online identity. My reply to Dan is that adults in power don’t believe in Santa; thus, the only worrisome thing about Santa is his negative effect on the children of North American nations (and the U.K. and its territories). YHWH, however, is believed in by at least three quarters of the legislature of the most powerful nation in the world. Thus, the unholy (but good?) alliance between the U.S. and the world’s only majority Jewish state.