The word comes from Jim West. Finkelstein’s analysis of the archeological evidence is just as you’d expect [note as of April 27, 2014: Use the DownThemAll browser extension to download each image from Scribd until I can come up with something better. Sheffield has been cracking down on Google Books lately.]-Late Iron I-Early Iron IIa Tell el-Farah N., often identified with the Biblically mentioned Israelite capital city of Tirzah, was a poor, small, unfortified settlement. My solution to the problem is to re-locate Tirzah to Tayasir or somewhere else. Also, while searching around West’s posts on Finkelstein, I found this revealing statement from West (in regards to Eilat Mazar’s Palace of David claims):

She’s – of course – done no such thing as there isn’t a shred of evidence to support such a claim.  Not an iota’s worth.  But such claims bolster the tragically weak ‘faith’ of those who are utterly dependent, not on God, but on ‘proof’ and ‘evidence’- worshiping as their true god an idol they have constructed in their own minds aided by the ‘evidence’ that fundamentalist archaeologists and biblical ‘scholars’ offer them.  Such people replace God with reason- and that their own.

-This is from a person who finds the as-generally viewed Creationist-Evolutionist dispute unimportant, believes there is little to no evidence for a Kingdom of David, and has only the most vile words for so-called “Angry Atheists”!