I Debate A Very Credulous McDowellish Christian

A few days ago, I commented on a post by Alan Ralph Millard which clearly displayed his typical double standard regarding the Bible as opposed to every other Ancient Near Eastern text. Some Christian who thinks Christian apologetics has any convincing power whatsoever, who, ironically, has also authored a book called “Arguing With Friends”, linked to that post after I posted my comment, but completely ignored my comment in the post in which he discussed Millard’s post. I, naturally, responded with the comments one sees in that Christian’s blog post right now.

Needless to say, merely by analyzing that Christian’s very McDowellish tone (I own McDowell’s “New Evidence That Demands a Verdict”; a very good-humored, but thoroughly fundamentalist Christian lady gave it to me along with Lee Strobel’s “Case for Christ” back in Summer 2011; I met her in the dead of winter in very late 2009 when I was caught by her discussing Kenneth Kitchen’s OROT with my friends), e.g., “Excuse me?!?! An Atheist who questions the theory of evolution? Did I read that right?” and the faux niceness that the author of “Arguing With Friends” displays when making a case to the general public, his completely uncritical analysis of the claims of Thomas Nagel and A.R. Millard, and his equally McDowellish ignorance of Bronze-Iron Age Palestinian history (seriously; all archaeological authorities McDowell cites flourished between c. 1900-c. 1980 AD-the vast majority are dead today and the majority were dead in 1997), I can safely conclude that the author of “Arguing With Friends” is incapable of being converted to atheism by mere evidence alone (which he is incapable of fully understanding).

In any case, the Christian I last debated with wanted to finish up the argument with me in the comments section sooner than later (something I do very rarely; if I want to avoid points controversial even in my mind and wish to focus on a set of main points, I merely neglect the controversial points and continue to a stage at which I can call the set of main points resolved); thus, I have moved the debate between us to each of our respective blogs.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

6 thoughts on “I Debate A Very Credulous McDowellish Christian”

  1. Just because you own the books does not mean you read them. So, did you actually read the books? Although, I much prefer you continuing your in-depth studying of the Bible. ~A good-humored lady.

  2. Why, yes, I have read both. Should I do a thorough fisking of them like I did with CarpenterKarenAnne’s Personal Message (or review them in some other fashion) (after I have done a review of at least three other books, among them being G.M. Grena’s “Evolution Science”)? Also, how do you like this blog’s sidebar and its links? A review of all parts of McDowell’s book would take at least the entirety of 2014. Also, how did you get here?

    To the others: yes, this is the “very good-humored, but thoroughly fundamentalist Christian lady” mentioned above.

  3. 1) Bible is not a textbook of history
    2) The term “evolution” is not a scientific term; it is a meta-scientific construct (John Paul II) or metaphysical research program (K.Popper)
    Logical principles, laws, and rules are absolute, therefore, from…God; do not ignore them!

    1. Substantiate your assertions more next time. I was considering deletion of your comment due to your lack of presentation of extraordinary evidence while making extraordinary claims. While the Bible is not “a textbook of history”, it is taken by millions of people around the world to be totally inerrant, and, thus, even more accurate than “a textbook of history”. Quote-mining is not a good idea; remember to look at my sidebar links. Since when was a magical man in the sky the only thing that could possibly be “absolute”?

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