I Ride Off Into The Sunset

But, before I do (notice the Notice on the sidebar), I would like you all to know that I (Enopoletus Harding) have been among the foremost supporters of reason in the comments section of the three most recent posts of the raving nutcase Keith Kloor. I would also like to apologize to George Grena for not responding to his comment on my “Mailbag” post. I will respond next year.

2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 22,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 5 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

Over a third of Aren’s views! A surprise is that GM Grena has posted more comments here than at Dr. Maeir’s blog.

Happy Second Blogoversary!

I would hereby like to announce my second blog-o-versary, which occurs today. My blog has now grown to being the sixth result (fourth non-video and non-image) on the first page for jebel al lawz in Google, the top result for jebel al lawz in bing, and being the top result for against jebel al lawz in both search engines. My blog has received a grand total of 31,234 views, has gained 14 blog followers and one Twitter follower, and has received a grand total of over 115 comments (not counting my comments or any trackbacks).

The top commentators this year are

1. George Michael Grena II (36 comments)

2. Taras skeptic (22 comments)

3. Paul O’ Brien (11 comments)

This blog currently has 454 posts, counting this one.

Ramps/Quarry Roads at the Red Pyramid of Sneferu at Dahshur

After noticing this book mentioned the existence of ramps to the southwest of the first smooth pyramid, I also noticed them mentioned in Martin Isler’s discussion of ramps and pyramids. Thus, I here present satellite pictures of these quarry roads/ramps of Sneferu, which someone should photograph.

The North Pyramid of Dahshur.
The North Pyramid of Dahshur.
The North Pyramid of Dahshur, work camp being outlined in red, quarry roads/ramps in blue.
The North Pyramid of Dahshur, work camp being outlined in red, quarry roads/ramps in blue.

I was surprised that these ramps are so little-noted on web pages dealing with the Pyramids. The features noted here are also noted on page 65 of this book. Ramps were almost certainly used for building smooth pyramids’ lower portions; see this paper, page 132, the southern portion of Khufu’s pyramid being surrounded by gypsum, tafla, and limestone debris, demonstrating the probability a ramp existed on the South side of Khufu’s pyramid. Of course, it is unlikely that a ramp spiraled all around a large pyramid as suggested in the Lehner paper linked to above; control of shape would have been difficult in that situation. Ramps have also been unearthed on two or three sides of the Middle Kingdom Senusret I pyramid complex. Zahi Hawass claims a portion of the great supply ramp of Khufu’s pyramid has been discovered, though I have doubts about whether the remains found really are part of the great supply ramp of Khufu’s pyramid, as the remains found do not quite point in the direction Lehner claims the ramp pointed and appears to be too small to be a part of what must have been a sizable supply ramp.

Christmas is White Here

Probably not so in Redondo Beach, where the good George Grena has done the Herculean task of typing a transcript of Andrew Vaughn’s response to A. R. Millard at the Lanier Theological Library, Grena correctly pointing out that Biblical tradition does (in the view of most relevant scholars, incorrectly) affirm a Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch. Of course, I left my YouTube comments on the Response video. Grena and I have also had a debate in the YouTube comments of this video.

Creationist Funnies

This link will, for those inclined to pursue the necessary work of counter-apologetics, truly make one’s day. Wood is, of course, right on the chronological facts (see my Chronology page), on which Down is completely wrong (if you are not good at spotting non sequiturs, consult the ABR website, Walter Mattfeld’s debunking of the EB Exodus hypothesis, and Wikipedia), and Down is correct regarding his claim there is no solid evidence to support a 15th C BC Exodus. It also seems that ABR is taking my advice regarding its location of Bethel (or just being lazy), placing Bethel to the WNW (instead of SW) of Ai in this post.

My “Bible Unearthed” page has finally been linked to by someone. Also, to those who have not noticed, I have greatly (but slowly) updated the sidebar links. Click on some of them! I link to websites in the sidebar of this blog for a reason.

December 21 was, among other things, the first day this winter in which real snow fell in the region in which I happen to live. I didn’t particularly enjoy it (putting on an actual coat instead of multiple layers of hoodies and sweatshirts is very much annoying), but Christmas, as says popular opinion, is supposed to be white, thus, the snow did have an upside.

A.R. Millard Solid On Epigraphy

Though there are some ambiguities here (“the Babylonians invented writing”) and a dollop of Albrightian maximalism (I am amazed at Millard’s cognitive dissonance), Millard is solid on epigraphy in this video. I agree with most of his points, including those on Qeiyafa. I have discussed Kuntillet ‘Ajrud, its probable status as a caravansary, and its early-mid 8th C BC date in the below video.