The “sad, sad world” is a reference to my first response to Joolzey.
To qualify a point of my comment, Shannon might have a fragment of a legitimate point as well, but that fragment is so misstated, misplaced, and improperly expressed that not a single idea in the comment can be seen as accurate. Needless to say, asphyxxiant is incorrect as well, but at least the main point of his comment is understandable. My ‘like’ of his comment is due to my sense of fairness (I prefer to not see such a comment downvoted so much when an even more stupid response is upvoted to ridiculous heights). While I do not share his contempt of the visually offensive, and his mangling of the definition of “evolution” is atrocious, the idea the weak and suicide-prone should be encouraged to die is at least defensible (though, as I have not analyzed the case for or against this proposition in detail, I do not have a solid opinion on it as of yet). Trust me, though, that the claim that a third of teens in any government school not for mentally unstable students is “going suicidal” is patently ridiculous and is readily seen as so by any sane American over the age of 14.

By the way, the video I was commenting on earned a dislike from me for being empty of a clear and non-banal thesis.