More Information About Wadi el-Chalig

See my previous post on Wadi el-Chalig.

Using my skilled eye, I found that there is a noticeable appearance of grey soil and small, thick, shrubs in this area of the plateau:
I think I’ve identified the outer wall of the Wadi-el-Chalig settlement and two of this wall’s towers (labeled in the below picture), though I’ve still found no sure evidence of the “Cyclopean Wall”. It is sad that there are no photographs of the site that I know of.
I’ve also found the article describing the pottery of Wadi el-Chalig.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

2 thoughts on “More Information About Wadi el-Chalig”

  1. Hi,

    There is an article by J. Boardman which details the pottery recovered from Wadi al-Khaleej by Boardman and by Carter in the 1960’s. The James article is mostly a critique/discussion about archaeological vs. historical dating methods.

    The Carter expedition is detailed in a article in the UPenn museum magazine, which includes a very crude plan of the site. And some photos (but don’t get too exited).
    There are some fortifications that probably date to the Ptolemaic period (i.e. Hellenistic), which probably overly a short-lived Iron Age Greek settlement (Aziris)

    A more recent publication discusses the Khaleej-site as well, in particular in relation to its identification as ancient Aziris.

    Hope this helps

    1966 – Boardman, J., “Evidence for the dating of Greek settlements in Cyrenaica, in: BSA 61, pp. 149-156.
    1963 – Carter, T.H., “Reconnaissance in Cyrenaica”, in: Expedition, 5, nr. 3, pp 18-27.
    2005 – James, P., “Archaic Greek colonies in Libya, historical vs. archaeological chronologies”, in: Libyan Studies 36, pp. 1-20.
    2015 – De Vries, E. “On the location of Aziris, the earliest Greek settlement on the Libyan mainland”, in: BABESCH 90, pp. 1-11.

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