I would hereby like to announce my third blog-o-versary, which occurs today. My blog has received a grand total of 58,991 views since its founding. My blog has now shrunken to being the seventh result (sixth non-video and non-image) on the first page for jebel al lawz in Google, and to being the second result for jebel al lawz in bing, but has continued being the top result for against jebel al lawz in both search engines. My blog has gained 35 blog followers, including four Twitter followers, this year. It has received 121 blog comments this year (including a small part of 2012), not counting any of my comments or any trackbacks. My blog has 542 posts, including this one. This year has been characterized by a huge decline in my posting rate and a general reduction in this blog’s maintenance. However, the sidebar has been greatly updated this year and a Google Custom Search feature (of questionable functionality) has been created. The Schedule created this year has been insufficiently updated, though the Quotes page has been greatly updated. The Jerusalem page has been updated this year for the first time since January 2012.

The top commentators this year are

1. Martin Stower (14 comments)

2. Gerry (12 comments)

3. David Costner (10 comments)

4. (tie) David Rohl (yes, that David Rohl) (8 comments)

5. (tie) peter (8 comments)