Pictures Coming Out of Raqqa

You are privileged in that in this case, they are not particularly horrifying. All of them are from before the al-Qaeda conquest of March of last year. They show that there was no major looting of the tell of Shaddai/Tuttul during the period of regime control of the city of Raqqa since 2011. They do, however, also show that the upper tell of Tell eth-Thadyen had been seriously looted sometime before 2011. The satellite imagery was captured by DigitalGlobe. There is typically a lag time of one year or more between DigitalGlobe’s capture of imagery and its posting to Google Earth. Before sometime late last year, Google Earth did not show Shaddai/Tuttul in any detail.

Shaddai/Tuttul on 4/72011.
Shaddai/Tuttul on 4/7/2011.
Shaddai/Tuttul on 10/9/2012.
Shaddai/Tuttul on 10/9/2012.
Shaddai/Tuttul on 1/16/2013.
Shaddai/Tuttul on 1/16/2013.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

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