This Makes Me Proud of Rand Paul (and some other Congressmen)

The above remarks are spot-on. Three cheers for Rand being one of two U.S. Senators (the other was Dean Heller) to vote against the horrendous H.R. 4152 ! He did get Ukraine’s credit rating a little off, though-it’s CCC, not CCC-. My U.S. Representative was also one of the few Congressmen to correctly vote against the bill.

Alan Grayson (not my Representative), it seems, was the only U.S. Representative to support the Russian military intervention in Crim.

Dana Rohrabacher (also, obviously, not my Representative; I do not live in California) also supported the will of the Crimean people, though he did not support the Russian intervention in Crim.


Before It Disappears

I’ll post a graph of the great decoupling of the U.S. stock market and industrial production. This is because S&P Dow Jones data is being removed from FRED in a month. Oh, how I despise intellectual monopoly. FRED has been getting ever worse for the past ten days with its new interface, which removes date restrictions and can’t even generate images properly. But, then, once in a while, you get what you pay for.



Goddamn Americans

Only today have I learned that they, for the most part, don’t even know how to pronounce “Crimea” (pronounced “Krim”, or, if we are to use the established goddamn American transliteration, “Krimya”, with the first vowel being an “i”, not an “ay”). And it’s really getting on my nerves (at least Stewart pronounced “Crimineans” somewhat right). As for my opinions on the matter, I fully support the totally illegal, but perfectly fair, Russian attempt at separating Crimea from Ookrayeena. If the Crimean people support joining Russia, they should do so.

[B.T.W., obviously, as an American myself, I speak somewhat in jest]