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The ISIS begins surrounding Baghdad from the South and captures the Iraqi desert to reach the Jordanian border. The desert in Syria is much more difficult to capture as the Syrian military understands it to be an essential frontier between the non-government controlled Euphrates Valley and government-controlled south-western Syria. The desert serves no such function for the Iraqi government and can, thus, be used by the ISIS to carry out interventions in the Kingdom of Transjordan. Might Jordan stop aiding the Syrian rebels now? The desert does serve as such a frontier for Jordan as it does for Syria.

Obviously, the ISIS won’t capture Baghdad, but I’m leaning toward the possibility that it might assault the city. I am not taking the recent news of U.S. advisors having been sent to Iraq seriously, as Obama has been shown to be pro-ISIS through and through. There is no chance of the Iraqi government recapturing Nineveh within the next month unless the Kurds do it for them.