Why are Indian-Americans Democrats?

Simple. Because the Republican Party stresses immigrant assimilation, while Indian-Americans aren’t planning on assimilating. Koreans and Vietnamese (who are less Democrat-leaning) at least have some intent to assimilate into American identity and lose the nonessential parts of their Old World culture. It is always simultaneously funny and encouraging to experience the very common occurrence of meeting an East Asian with a Western first name and an East Asian last name. Indians in America have no such intent to assimilate. Instead of converting to Christianity or accepting their atheism, like many (most?) East Asians in America, Indian-Americans set up Hindu and Sikh temples and Muslim mosques. Indian-White marriages in the United States remain rare, and their products identify as Indian. Though Indian-Americans have no particular love for American Blacks (they certainly do not attempt to assimilate into the American Underclass Black culture), they are willing to vote for a Black Presidential candidate because that candidate’s history resembles that of most Indian Americans far more than that of most American Blacks. An icon of WASP [even if Mormonism is not a branch of Protestantism, it is still a 100% American religion] identity such as Mitt Romney or assimilators like Governors Jindal and Haley simply will not appeal to the great majority of Indian-Americans. Many Indian-Americans still follow Indian politics and have no intention of voting for any candidate advocating the impractical doctrine of quick assimilation for all immigrants.

I like most of the Indian-Americans I’ve met as people. They, as the products of a selective immigration policy, are certainly superior in every manner to those I’d regularly meet were America to have Open Borders. But I accept that they are practically unassimilable hyphenated Americans. I’d be fine with that, were it not for the excessive lean towards the Democratic Party this unassimilability gives them. Were Indian-Americans lacking political bias, I would full-heatedly oppose placing any sizable restrictions on present Indian-American entry into the United States. Though I’d shiver at an Open Borders policy in the U.S., I’d cry at the massive waste of talent a post-1924, pre-1965 U.S. immigration policy would produce. Tens of thousands upon tens of thousands of fundamentally competent individuals would be forced to scrape out their lives in a corrupt third-world shithole.

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Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

8 thoughts on “Why are Indian-Americans Democrats?”

  1. Your post makes an awful lot of claims with very little evidence to back it up. How do you know immigration is the driving issue? Or that Indian-Americans refuse to assimilate? What do you even mean by assimilation?

    1. Robert, this isn’t some sociological study. And this post doesn’t claim immigration is the driving issue, but, rather, assimilation. What sort of evidence do you require?

          1. That doesn’t make any sense. Why are you concluding that Hindus don’t want to assimilate just because they marry other Hindus? You are making an enormous jump here without any support.

            1. Okay, let me explain what’s happening because you seem to have gotten confused. You claimed that Indian-Americans were refusing to assimilate. I asked what evidence you had of this and even what you meant by assimilation. You then started to change the subject by talking about intermarriage and asking what evidence you would need. You made the claim, the burden of proof is on you.

            2. Yeah, I know the burden of proof is on me. That’s why I’m asking you what evidence you would need to be convinced of my claims. To make sure you’re not a fundamentalist who will refuse to accept my claims no matter the evidence I provide. I have dealt with many such fundamentalists on my YouTube channel. I hope you’re not one of them.

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