A Strange Utopia

Wilson awoke. As he glanced at the clock, he shuddered. It was not that he felt cold -it was the third of July- nor that he felt frightened- there was nothing in his room to fear- but that he felt an overwhelming sense of loss. Of exactly what, he could not say.

It was not money. Ever since the passage of the National Inequality Elimination Act of 2024, all income was, by law, equally distributed. Wilson’s electricity ration of 200 kilowatt-hours per month per person was exactly the same as that of everyone else he knew. Nor was it of time -he had a fine amount of it. Roughly six hours, if not counting work, travel, or sleep. It was nothing that Wilson could point to with any real specificity.

He got out of bed and checked the news. Two Black men convicted of vehicle theft, four convicted of assault, and five convicted of armed robbery, all in the past week, all residing in the same town as he, had been pardoned under the racial equity quotas established by the Inequality Elimination Act of 2031 due to the discovery of a sentencing disparity between Blacks and non-Hispanic Whites charged with these crimes. The discussion in the news centered on whether this was enough to reduce the persistence of the unjust inequity in racial arrest and conviction rates by the police and juries around the country. A professor (of what field, Wilson did not remember) explained, in a crisp and confident voice, that the gap in sentencing and arrests would not end until racist and sexist selection of police officers by “competence tests” and “strength” requirements were finally eliminated from every page of local, state, and Federal law and random jury selection was safely replaced with a more scientific system for determining equitable racial outcomes in sentencing. Wilson ate his breakfast, consisting of a 100% American Whole Grain cereal trademarked by General Mills in a bowl of nonfat milk, some Florida oranges, and two Michigan apples.

Indeed, Wilson thought, reading the label on his cereal, his breakfast had to be 100% American. All trade with the lands outside the U.S. proper and the territories it captured or bought before 1940 had been strictly prohibited under penalty of thirty-five years’ imprisonment- the maximum sentence that could be imposed for any crimes except those defined as “exacerbated by dominant-group privilege”, such as Bernie Madoff’s or Ross Ulbricht’s, for which the maximum sentence was a limitless number of years in maximum-security prison. Even cocaine, rice, and heroin had to be home-grown.

Wilson stepped outside the multi-story apartment complex he resided in. It was owned by the local government, which, as Wilson remembered, built it under a multi-billion dollar contract with the National Construction Workers’ Union. Each resident was allotted one vote to make various important management decisions over the fate of the community, such as rent hikes, the budget allotted for repairs, the decision to expel any resident, and the establishment of any new facilities. Thus, while rent was sky-high, only kept under control by state rent-control ordinances, the complex’s budget was almost always deep into the red, the complex only being able to stay open by the generous application of Federal housing subsidies of apartments disproportionately occupied by non-heterosexuals, non-males, and non-Whites. The complex contained residents with genetic origins from almost every country in the world, including Azerbaijan, Tonga, and Papua New Guinea. This was typical of much of the United States since the 2030s. Ever since the Open Movement Act of 2020, one billion immigrants from all parts of the world, but mainly from India, China, Brazil, and Nigeria had made the United States their new permanent abode. “America”, said President Bush in October of 2020, “had at last begun its remetamorphosis into its historical namesake: a Nation of Immigrants”, his words obscured by the cheering of tens of thousands of Honduran and Salvadoran men and women gathered before him. Consequently, the apartment complex was not well-maintained, with hundreds of thousands of cigarette and marijuana butts, as well as tens of thousands of heroin and methamphetamine needles, being found scattered throughout the hallways, despite the high national taxes on the purchase of all these products and despite the fact that many dozens of less intellectually inclined teenagers were at work cleaning the hallways and the outside of the complex every day. Even while Wilson was exiting his apartment, he saw a methamphetamine addict, White, male, and grey-haired, in a black T-shirt, injecting another dose to keep himself placated while squatting on the filthy floor of the building he had slept in last night.

Wilson found his bicycle, unlocked it, and began his ride to work. Personal ownership of automobiles without written permission from the EPA had been eliminated under the Environmental Protection Act of 2024 and the International Carbon Dioxide Reduction Agreement of 2025. China was to implement this part of the agreement in thirty to thirty-five years. For now, the privileges granted to the overindulgent West for its first two hundred or so years of existence would temporarily be granted to the rising and poorer nations, which had not had the privileges granted by chance and fate to the rich West while it was rising. Wilson, of course, thought this ridiculous. Since 2027, the Chinese continuously had higher real per capita incomes than Americans, and, since 2035, higher median incomes, even in dollar terms. It was an injustice, Wilson thought, for China to get a disproportionately large share of the pollution permission pie than America simply because of the late date of il sorpasso. Wilson, naturally kept quiet, for fear of denunciation by those learned Chinese scholars who had become so prominent in the social sciences departments of the nation over the past thirty years.

As he was continuing cycling to work, Wilson marveled at the beautiful state of the roads he was cycling on. In Wilson’s youth, Maryland roads had been disasters, wreaked by potholes and in a constant state of congestion and disrepair. Today, American roads were, in every part of the nation (even Alaska, as Wilson had learned while vacationing there) every bit as good as those said to exist in Luxembourg or the Emirates due to the wisdom of the two Clinton presidencies, as well as the strong push for infrastructure spending by politicians of every stripe after the recession of 2019. In the old days, Wilson remembered, Americans were known for their devotion to their massive gas-guzzling pickup trucks, whose tires tore the roads apart like a lion’s teeth tears apart the flesh of its meal. In modern, civilized society, such titanic beasts of the road were unnecessary for civilized life, and, indeed, were widely understood to be detrimental to it. Today, America had a high-speed rail system which, though often sparsely used, was used by almost every American at some point in hir life, and was unrivaled by any other in the world, including those of Germany, China, and Japan. How the Americans of the 20th century could have greeted the expansion of car culture as a positive good was beyond Wilson’s comprehension. Were 20th century Americans deliberate Earth-killers? Or were they simply just stupid, their IQs pushed down by the copious quantities of lead in their automobile emissions and paint? Wilson didn’t know, and neither did most Americans his age.

As Wilson continued cycling by a row of evergreens, he saw a black-skinned man walking out from them towards the road, gripping his hand tightly. Wilson winced. For him to be noticed to have noticed that the person was black-skinned would, in a court of law, constitute a microaggression, an infraction punishable by a fine of $50 per conviction. Noticing that the person was male would not. Standards for determining the existence of microaggressions had been formulated by Justice Sotomayor in her majority opinion in Blake v. Regents of the University of California in 2021. Wilson kept pedaling.

“Yo’ moni, honké!”

These were the last words Wilson heard before sensing his bicycle rapidly pivoting leftwards and counterclockwise. The feeling was as sudden as it was unexpected. Wilson could do nothing to stop his mildly overweight body from collapsing to the ground, the skin of his left arm from tearing open due to the rest absorbing the weight of his head accelerating towards the asphalt, or his left knee from slamming into his chest, causing Wilson to eject a brief, loud scream. Wilson looked up just in time to see a stainless-steel Chinese-made kitchen knife, manufactured before the revolution being stuck into the side of his throat.

-“Yo’ moni, honke!”, the knife-weilder repeated. “Ee yu do’ wa’ dis shit at back o’ yo’ spain you betta’ get o’ yo’ fukin’ cash!”. Wilson could only comply. He took out his wallet and tossed it to the knife-wielder’s feet. He was only thankful that, since all firearms were strictly prohibited under the strictest penalties for possession, he at least had no chance of getting a bullet to the brain. Wilson could see from the man’s appearance that, despite his American manner of speech, he clearly had no White admixture, and was fully African in complexion and skin tone. “Most likely a second-generation immigrant American”, thought Wilson, at the risk of committing another microaggression.

The knife-wielder was not satisfied, keeping the knife at Wilson’s throat.

“Yo’ phone, honkey! Ya betta’ no’ ge’ ou’ yo’ fucking shit too slow!”

Wilson took out his phone and handed it over to the knife-wielder.

“Not good ’nuff”, the knife-wielder replied, glancing at the phone. He pulled his knife away from Wilson’s neck and stabbed him in the ribcage with the force of an alligator’s bite.

This was all that Wilson remembered before seeing the knife-wielder pedal away on Wilson’s bicycle.

* * *

Wilson woke up five hours later in a hospital bed. He had been treated for his wound with the latest methods*, perfected by researchers working in Vietnam. All healthcare facilities being government-owned, Wilson knew he had to pay nothing for any emergency treatment. Who found him lying on the roadside, Wilson would never know. The wound was not fatal, but did cause a good amount of external bleeding before it was staunched. Wilson thanked the doctors and nurses who treated him and would make sure to give them some gift in the future.

Wilson called his bank from the VoIP facilities on one of the unused hospital computers, ordering them to cease any transactions made on his stolen debit card. He also called his employer about him being stabbed and unable to get to work with any reasonable speed. It was the fifth time Wilson had been robbed over the past year, but the first time he had been stabbed. He knew his employer wouldn’t sanction him for this- people were killed for much smaller “acts of privilege” during the revolution. Wilson then walked an hour to his bank to ask for a new debit card and took out a $500 cash withdrawal. The bank complied. Wilson hailed a man-powered taxi, powered by Jamaican pedalers and driven by a recently-arrived North Indian, paying $260 for the privilege- all employees, of every skill level, had to be paid at least the $40 per hour minimum wage, adjusted every year for inflation and productivity. He stopped at a bicycle shop in D.C. to buy himself a new bicycle costing $500 and pedaled for two hours back home.

He prepared himself a meal of corn, vegetables, and peanut butter (meat had become to expensive for anything but the most special occasions since the 2024 Inequality Elimination Act) and quickly ate, drinking a quart of water in the process. He turned on his computer and scrolled through his RSS feeds. Politicians in D.C. (it was no longer called Washington or the District of Columbia; ever since before the revolution it was agreed that, as Washington was a slaveholder and Columbus founded White-mediated slavery in the Americas, no respectable place could be named after them) were considering a bill to fund reparations for Blacks (including recent immigrants) by expropriating the “excess wealth” held by American Whites (again, including recent immigrants, with the possible exceptions of Muslims). The Representative John Conyers (D-MI), equipped with a Chinese-designed, American-made speech synthesizer to read for him, argued that despite the equalization of all incomes in the aftermath of the 2024 Inequality Elimination Act, huge gaps remained in the social outcomes of Blacks and Whites. Conyers pointed out that, despite the elimination of income inequality, a far greater proportion of Whites were still employed for foreign companies operating in the United States than Blacks, that Whites still had fifteen times Blacks’ per capita wealth, that Blacks were highly under-represented among high school teachers (persistent affirmative action had made the gap in elementary school teaching disappear), engineers, mathematicians, and scientists, that Blacks still had ten times the arrest and school discipline rates of Whites (actually an increase in the gap compared with the start of the millennium), that Blacks were severely under-represented among students at top-ranking universities, and that despite free and open immigration of Black professionals from around the world, very few of them had come to the United States, suggesting the existence of an unusually racist climate within the country. Conyers argued that, despite the 2031 Inequality Elimination Act racial equity quotas, structures of privilege remained which prevented Blacks from achieving full parity and overcoming the legacy of slavery, colonialism, segregation, lynching, the New Jim Crow, and many other unjust inequities imposed on Blacks for the benefit of Whites. In fact, Conyers pointed out, the Black-White wealth gap had widened by 20% since 2020, suggesting that Blacks had become even more oppressed by the White power structure since then. The bill, Wilson read, had already passed the House Racial Representation and Equity Committee.

Wilson continued reading. A Black man, one who had been released just this morning for being inequitably convicted of assault, had been killed by a police officer after being tazed and struck repeatedly on the head. All this had been captured by the officer’s body camera. Wilson wondered whether the man had been guilty of committing any crime in the seconds before he was killed. Whenever a specially protected racial minority had been innocent of any crime before he (it was usually he) was killed by the police, and even when he wasn’t, the news always mentioned that he was as innocent as a dove, even if they didn’t mention his stellar criminal record, always due to it being clearly less-than-stellar. The lack of any clear statement of the Black man’s innocence suggested he was killed immediately after being caught committing a crime in the act. The lack of mention of the race of the offending officer also intrigued Wilson. It couldn’t have been White -otherwise, it would have been on the front page of the New York Times for twenty days in a row. It likely wasn’t Indian or Mestizo, either -every Indian and Mestizo could be made White when the purposes served. Most likely, Wilson reasoned, the offending police officer was either Chinese or Vietnamese, as these two ethnicities made up much of the police force in his area and were well known by observers to be quite corrupt and brutal, being from the poorest and most violent parts of the Old Country. However, Chinese and Vietnamese police officers were never mentioned as being such in any news report, in any context. That would be Sinophobia. So all police or other anti-protected-group violence, whether justified or unjustified, was blamed on straight cis White males, despite their occasional lack of existence.

Wilson turned off his computer and went to bed. That was enough assault on his intelligence for the night. The sound of firecrackers and fireworks thundered in the distance.

Wilson awoke. It was the Fourth of July, a national holiday. He was quite relieved he didn’t have to go to work. He dressed, ate breakfast, and turned on his computer. Among his RSS feeds was a video of President Fox, a Black lesbian transwoman, speaking. Wilson, curious, pressed the “Play” button.

My fellow Americans-

It has been held, since the founding of this nation, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Thus was formed the revolutionary government which watches over this nation today, which overthrew a government captive to the power of financiers, polluters, and those who despised those of a lower station than themselves. Despite countless obstructions and assaults by the privileged, the Patriarchy, the One Percent, and the White Cis Heteronormative power structure, the will of the people has ever further advanced and triumphed, leaping from victory to victory as the progress of time has made it obvious that the rising tide of the people of color, the poor, the subalterns, women, the meek, the powerless, and the queer shall prevail.

Two hundred and sixty-nine years ago, a nation was founded by a small group of rich, straight, cis White men who denied millions their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Yet, it is through their words that the nation turns its face into the rising sun, and conceives of the bright future of this great, rich, and fertile land of ours:

A land where there will be no differences among the sexes, however many there may be.

A land where there will be no inequality, whether in arrests, wealth, hirings, or any other outcomes.

A land where all people shall be treated with the utmost and equal dignity.

A land where all microaggressions and microassaults have been firmly stamped out by the arms of the people and by the force of law.

A land where all stereotypes have been eliminated from each and every mind and brain.

A land without any capitalist constructions of sex, sexual objectification or sexual desire or their use to further the profits of mega-corporations, capitalists, and hereditary financiers.

A land where structural racism, patriarchy, and heterosexism, whether conscious or unconscious, have been made nonexistent.

A land without the straight, without the White, without the rich, without the strong, without the privileged, and without the heteronormative or the powerful.

A land without restrictions on female, trans*, bisexual, lesbian, or gay sexuality.

A land without the least bit of condemnation of homosexuality, polygamy, incest, and transsexuality.

A land, in short, where every individual, whether on hir own or as part of a group, shall be free, equal, and above all, empowered to make their own decisions with the full power of affirmative consent, as long as America continues to exist.

Our revolution began with the liquidation of those elements most harmful to the future and well-being of this nation: the politicians of the party which shall not here be named, those belittling the suffering of the poor, the hedge fund managers, the bankers, the private equity financiers, the casino moguls, the tax-avoiders, the homophobes and transphobes, the enemies of the environment, the torturers, the tax-cutters, the immigration restrictionists, the genetic determinists, the IQ fetishists, the undercover racists, the Islamophobes, the rapeskeptics, the inequality-deniers, the opponents of capital and wealth taxes, the opponents of a liveable minimum wage -basically, the most filthy, venomous, and parasitical scum that existed and continue to exist in this nation.

Despite the liquidation of millions of such elements, thousands of them escaped to their private islands of Hong Kong and Macau before and during the revolution. We cannot worry too much about them. We must focus on the remaining privileged of this nation, the Daves, the Huntingtons, and other such dudebros and shitlords who continue to suck the lifeblood of this nation into their own bank accounts. The stain of White male privilege does not vanish simply due to their proclamations of feminism. It must be eradicated by the transfusion of wealth and power, the most effective way of eradicating privilege and oppression  -hard monetary reparations.

I understand Congress is considering the Representative Conyers’ reparations bill. For the reasons he has referenced, and for a multitude of others, I support it fully and wholeheartedly. If and when the bill reaches my desk, I will sign it without delay.

Though America has made great strides, the threat of reaction and hierarchy cannot be assumed dead. We must be vigilant to combat against any signs of their return. As long as there remains any trace, any smidgen of inequality in America, we must be assured that the Founders’ vision of the rights of man is unfulfilled.

Thank you all. And let freedom ring!


Wilson was alarmed. He had more savings than most, simply due to the fact he didn’t spend too much. He was very worried that if Conyers’ bill was to pass, what little wealth he had would quickly be confiscated and given to people such as his recent assailant. He cycled to D.C. with great speed to watch the night’s fireworks show.

It was mid-day. The sun glistened over the surface of the D.C. Monument and in the reflecting pool, specially cleaned for the occasion, drawing attention to it from all parts of the city. The sun gradually proceeded to fall towards the horizon, as people with nothing to do glanced at the shadow emanating from the Monument, waiting for it to disappear into the darkness to come.

While there, he considered going to the police station to report his assault, but, after considering numerous reports in the news he had read of White male supposed crime victims being convicted of “aggravated microassault” after doing so, he had second thoughts.

He sat on a bench and considered what the revolution had done to the country.

Humor had become a creature of the state, only questioning established opinion on the most trivial on matters and rarely doing even that. Mostly, humor consisted of laughing at the past and at the persons who inhabited and ruled that foreign country, as well as those who left the country to flee to Hong Kong and Mexico.

Polygamy and incest had long been made legal, being legalized nationwide in the landmark case of Anderson v. Muhammad in 2027.

Advertising portraying females courts ruled as “objectifying” had been strictly prohibited under commercial content restrictions enacted after the revolution.

Despite the killing of thousands of Jews and Asians during the revolution, they remained the most widely-listened-to intellectuals in the country, writing thousands of words every day praising every one of its accomplishments. Yet, despite the vast overrepresentation of Jews among those financiers killed during the revolution as compared with White gentiles, they were never mentioned as a group in any context relating to the revolution. White gentiles almost always were.

Income inequality had been eliminated, guns, discriminatory convictions, microaggressions, and microassaults were banned for over a decade. Yet, crime continued to soar, especially among the Black immigrants (microaggression!) Americans of the second generation.

He thought back to his sense of loss on the morning of July 3. What had he, as a typical White male, lost in the aftermath of the revolution? Wilson finally had some thoughts: perhaps, it was his dignity: the freedom to consider his accomplishments his own and the freedom to see his observations as valid without outside confirmation. Though he had not lost much wealth or income since 2020, he, and almost all White males, had lost a massive amount of dignity, with each and every one of their objections to the Cathedral being portrayed not as something any reasonable person could expound on, but as inevitable products of privilege, cisheteropatriarchy, and shitlordism.

Wilson slept for a couple hours as the hot South wind caressed his face and arms.

It was 5:00 PM. Wilson bought some ice cream and chewed on it as the sun proceeded to set. The heat was becoming overwhelming, and seeing the crisp shadows of the beautiful buildings of D.C. slither across the concrete and the grass was a beautiful sight for Wilson (and anyone else watching) to consider. The birds of D.C. were very aggressive, and were all seeking to attack Wilson’s ice cream. Wilson fought them off by waving them away with a flashlight.

As night fell, Wilson heard the sound of fireworks beginning to thump. He saw the first fireworks to light up the sky with the most eagery anticipation. As the minutes went on, the fireworks grew louder and louder, gradually filling the sky with their brilliance. He heard the whistling of rockets being sent up into the air and exploding into a thousand pieces. At 10:00 PM, he finally began to hear the full fireworks show start. The bursting of fireworks and sparklers was constant, heard at every second. The fireworks display across the sky of D.C. was, in every way, brilliant. Sparkles filled the air, and fireworks were burst in numerous shapes, including ovals, squares, and pyramids. By 10:20, loud booms were heard everywhere in D.C. and fireworks filled the sky, making everything in the city glow green and blue and red and yellow and orange.

As Wilson proceeded to settle down and think of this constant thudding as something to be taken for granted, he heard a loud crackle, screams, and a loud rumbling sound. He saw people around him running with their bicycles away from the center the city and towards the North. “The Capitol has been bombed!” he heard people screaming. He began hearing the sound of rapid bursts of popping noise as the sound of the fireworks faded to a thick silence. Eventually, he saw explosions around the roof of the White House (and not of the kind fireworks make), and the snipers who remained on the roof taking out their firearms. Wilson decided it was best to leave.

Leaving D.C. took three hours longer than he expected. Many of the streetlights along the roads North of D.C. were out for dozens of minutes. Massive bicycle jams ensued as people struggled to leave the city before they had expected to. Eventually, though, Wilson, by a combination of walking and riding, had managed to get home without significant injury, though with many mosquito bites and much irritation to the nose and eyes.

When Wilson woke up at 7:00 AM, he immediately turned on his computer to hear the news of what had happened in the city. When he had, he found himself very frightened. Several thousand Nazis and other White males unsympathetic to Conyers’ legislation, thought certain to pass, had, after stockpiling tens of thousands of firearms of the highest illegality, rocket launchers, grenades, and bombs, had taken the entirety of Washington D.C., as well as over the cities of Austin, Lansing, and Seattle. They appeared to be funded by emigre financiers in Hong Kong and other wealthy foreign enemies of the revolution. Since the dismantling of the National Security State, including the CIA, the NSA, the DEA, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of “Defense” in the aftermath of the revolution, as well as the diversification of America’s much-reduced internal security forces, it had become well-understood that America was much more ready than ever before to fend off all internal subversion. Gun crime had collapsed. Diversity, it was often said, was America’s strength. The end of the old and poisonous microaggressive attitude of “the most qualified person should get the job” had eliminated all qualifications for America’s internal security forces, leading the Guardians of the Revolution to hire Nicaraguan and Indian Naxalite militia, Vietnamese transwomen, and former Cuban army officers to keep the revolutionary government standing.

Yet, it was precisely this demobilization and diversification of America’s National Security State that had led to the revolutionary government’s ultimate demise. The Guardians of the Revolution had failed to coordinate and, due to their sharp shortage of deadly weapons, had failed to stop the rapid advance of the National Socialists from the Washington docks to the Capitol and, ultimately, to the White House and beyond.

Wilson did not know what the new National Socialist government would do while in power. Hundreds of members of the revolutionary government, as well as thousands of civil servants, had already been killed during its seizure of power. President Fox had committed suicide in the Oval Office, while John Conyers, the National Socialists’ ultimate target, had died after accidentally disconnecting his breathing tube when looking for his speech synthesizer in the back of his car. Yet, Wilson was certain that, despite the bloody nature of the National Socialist government, it would finally restore America to at least partial economic sanity. It would open up trade and allow some people to have greater incomes than others. It would privatize state-owned businesses which had made up the gap in production after the strike of the capital-owners in the months after the passage of the 2024 Inequality Elimination Act. Best of all, it would liberate the thousands of Americans convicted of microassaults against protected groups. Yet, despite all this, Wilson was confident that, considering his previous political views, he would have to flee to Mexico for him to not be labeled as a dangerous revolutionary, and, thus, subject to imprisonment, execution, or forced labor. The National Socialists had replaced an equalist despotism with a racialist one.

*I know nothing about medicine.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

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