Ever since Dylann Roof’s killing of nine people in Charleston, South Carolina, in June, the Cathedral (and the American Left in general) has moved ever more viciously to ban the Confederate battle flag wherever it can get its hands, on the blatantly false pretext of Roof’s display of it before his killing. Indeed, Silicon Valley (one of the four pillars of Leftist dominance in America, the others being Hollywood, Academia, and the Media), Wal-Mart, and various American flag manufacturers have taken every step possible to ban all Confederate flags of every kind (except for the flags of Georgia and Mississippi) from their retail establishments. The worshipers in the Cathedral base their condemnation of the flag on it being “a symbol of racism”, “a symbol of treason”, and “a symbol of division”. Let us go through these allegations in detail.

The popular display of the Confederate flag at present cannot possibly be generally a symbol of slavery or racism. What, do Democrats seriously think that White Republican Southerners bearing the Confederate battle flag are going to rise up, march into the inner cities, put the niggers back in chains, and drive them to the countryside to push their unemployment rate to Soviet levels? Do they think they’ll re-institute segregation and Jim Crow the moment they’ll get their hands on government without Federal obstruction? It is obvious that even Democrats cannot be so lunatical as to believe such things. Rather, their objection to the flag must be based on something else. Faux antiquarianism is something that has become ever more common among the Left over the past year.

Indeed, while it is true that the Confederacy stood strongly in favor of slavery in the 1860s, had the Confederacy become independent (which is what the bearers of the Confederate flag are unquestionably supportive of), slavery would almost certainly have been abolished there after less than a quarter century of independence: the last nation to abolish slavery in the Western Hemisphere was the great state of Brazil in 1888 and American farmers in all parts of the country began suffering a severe fall in relative incomes since at least a decade before that year. Those who condemn the Confederate Flag quite often forget that the thirteen stripes on the flag of the United States stand for the thirteen colonies from which the United States was forged -each and every one of which allowed the ownership of Black slaves at the time of the flag’s adoption. Those who disagree with this comparison quite likely forget that during the War of Southern Secession, the Fugitive Slave Act was still enforced in the United States of America until 1864 -runaway slaves from Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, the District of Columbia (for the first full year of the war), and Delaware continued to be legally captured and returned to their masters until that year, and that the institution of slavery continued in Kentucky and Delaware until after the reconquest of and abolition of slavery in the entirety of the former Confederate States.

The Confederate flag is only a “symbol of treason” so far as the American flag is a symbol of treason against Great Britain: the only difference is that the Confederacy lost.

The Confederate Flag is, indeed, a symbol of division: division between the effete liberals of the North and Far West and the self-described “true Americans” of the American South, who desire a return back to the “traditional American values” of God, guns, and the monogamous heterosexual family. Necessarily, it is also a symbol of the political division of the United States of America: those bearing the Confederate Flag desire (at least in their hindbrains) Southern Independence, or, at the very least, greater Southern state autonomy from Federal force.

Frequently unmentioned or mis-mentioned by the Left, but most importantly, the Confederate Flag is a symbol of resistance: that is, resistance against Obama and the Clintons and against those elements of the Washington elite who do not conform to core Southern values. Those bearing the Confederate flag do not imagine the South existing today as it was, but as it could have been, free of the influence of precisely those who most vehemently condemn the Confederate flag today: academic, politico, media, techie, Supreme Court, and Hollywood leftists desiring the total submission of the southern states to their wills. The Whites of the southern states remain, on average, the most conservative, religious, and Republican-leaning in the country, and, thus, are the greatest threats to the Democrats’ attempts to dominate it. Any lowering of the Confederate flag is a mark of conservative submission, an indication of defeat without benefit, a sign of unconditional surrender. Do not imagine that the opponents of the Confederate flag will stop at its lowering. Their goal is never within sight of completion, not even in the Strange Utopia.

Now, I am a northerner. I do not bear the Confederate flag (despite the Alternative Right blog’s cheeky “Our Flag” caption)* and do not much care for Southern Independence. Had the South become independent, in the worst-case scenario, it would have become like Argentina or South Africa, in the best-case scenario, it would have ended up just where it is at present, with less leftism. I, however, fully support the freedom of the southern states to fly the Confederate flag, and I oppose all leftist attempts to limit its usage, whether private, public, or government.

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