Politics Is Not About Policy

1. #BlackLivesMatter ignores 99%+ of Black deaths.
2. Reagan, despite having a fairly fiscally conservative presidency, is condemned by most of the American Left for the large size of the Federal deficits under him, while Obama, with a less fiscally conservative presidency, is condemned by most of the American Left for the insufficiently large size of the deficits under him.
3. Conservatives still occasionally pretend there is any risk of serious gun legislation in the U.S., despite the fact there is none, and never has been since 2008.
4. When Obama came into office, the anti-war movement instantly disappeared.
6. When the Presidency switches parties, the average member of the winning party instantly switches his perception of the economy to being more favorable than the perception of the average member of the losing party. Despite the fact that the Presidency in the U.S. can really only effect economic policy through the bureaucracy, and rarely does even that.
7. Every time the Islamic State is brought up, the New York Times commentariat always find some way to blame Bush, even though he defeated the Islamic State of Iraq by the time he left office and the existence (and every action) of the Islamic State is squarely due to deliberate Obama policy. They never, ever suggest any sort of strategy to defeat the Islamic State, falsely saying or implying that it is impossible or very costly.
8. This cartoon makes perfect sense.
9. Iran has never had nuclear weapons, despite being predicted to acquire them in five to ten years time since twenty years ago, the Iranian nuclear deal prevents Iran from ever getting nuclear weapons (as though the Iranian leadership ever wanted them, which they didn’t), if Iran ever wanted the destruction of Israel, it would do so with a simple march through Iraq and Syria, and, as long as one Israeli soldier is not worth ten Iranian ones, win, and states far more dangerous and trigger-happy than Iran (Israel, Pakistan, North Korea) possess nuclear weapons with no one giving two fucks. Yet, the Israeli (and American conservative) mainstream constantly complains about the Iran nuclear deal, saying it would lead to Iran getting nuclear weapons and destroying Israel.
10. SJWs often complain about harassment against their comrades, yet, are typically perfectly okay with doxxing their critics to encourage harassment against them.

Politics isn’t about policy. It’s about personality. BTW, by the standards of the Modeled Behavior blog, the country where politics is most about policy is Singapore, a dominant-party state.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

2 thoughts on “Politics Is Not About Policy”

    1. My provisional answer is “try as hard as possible to educate and unbias ourselves to make it more about policy”. I might change it as time goes on.

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