WordPress.com defaults to the “improved posting experience” when I click on the Edit button on the published versions of the blogposts on this blog. The “improved posting experience”, for various reasons, sucks. WordPress.com should be embarrassed to feature it or so blatantly lie about it being “improved” or “easier”. Let us count the ways.

The large-buttoned, blue-colored, stylized, and menu-filled appearance of the “improved posting experience”, along with its paucity of text suggest that this “improved posting experience” was designed for smartphones, or at the very least, small screens. Yet, when I view it with my WinBook TW700, I find this:
Screenshot (19)

Now which genius at Automattic, Inc. designed that amazing new “improved posting experience” and its amazing useless empty space and redundant scrollbars?

Now let’s look at it horizontally, with touch keyboard panel (not opened above) opened (but only seen as empty white space):

Screenshot (22)

Aaaah… No text visible when typing, most buttons not visible when typing, and numerous overlapping buttons due to poor JavaScript. My favorite posting experience ever, you can be sure.

Now let’s compare the above monstrosity with the good old unimproved posting experience:

Screenshot (20)

Isn’t that infinitely less wasteful and making for a much better user experience? One scrollbar, much more functional space outside of the post window, and more text to know what you’re pressing on.


Screenshot (23)
At least you can see something in the post while the keyboard is open, no buttons overlap, and you can actually see what you’re typing (occasionally) while not having to rely on as many useless pop-out menus. Also, there’s a visible navigation window on the left absent in the “improved posting experience”.

The only good thing about the “improved posting experience” is that when one updates a post, an easy-to-click “View Post” button pops up on the screen.

Obviously, the old posting experience has problems. Typing on large pages is slow, as text pops up with a far longer lag than proper. The text is sorta small and sorta hard to tap on. But that’s no warrant for abandoning it in favor of a terrible so-called “improved posting experience”, with something like a twenty-to-one deprovement-over-improvement ratio.

If this is an “improved posting experience”, I’d love to see the least “improved” one the guys at Automattic could come up with.

Fortunately, there’s a way out of this “improved posting experience”: upload this script with the Scriptish add-on installed in Firefox (or see choice of script managers in other browsers here). I advise against Greasemonkey, as I’ve had some seriously negative experiences with it (namely, Firefox not starting).

As for the box reminding you to switch to the “improved posting experience”, you can just block it with AdBlock Plus’s Element Hiding helper.