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James Flynn, a famous psychometrician, once wrote a book entitled Asian-Americans: Achievement Beyond IQ. In it, he argued that Asian-Americans, especially East Asians in the U.S., experienced much greater occupational, educational, and other achievement than could be justified by their IQ scores. What he neglected to point out was that this applied for Mestizos and Blacks in the U.S., as well. So the real issue was not and is not Asian-American achievement beyond IQ, but Euro-American IQ beyond achievement:
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This is as of 1992, before the great wave of high-skilled Asian immigration to the U.S. But it’s still interesting to look at how at every level of education, in every area of knowledge tested, on average, Whites are always #1. Got any ideas why?
Hat Tip: Sean Last of The Right Stuff (.biz).