Finally, this Thanksgiving, we have something to be thankful for. Either the Syrian or Russian air force has bombed a Turkish convoy near Azaz and war has finally broken out between the YPG and Syrian rebels in Aleppo province (while the Syrian rebels and YPG are collaborating in destroying the IS in Hasakah province). While the Syrian rebels the YPG is fighting in Aleppo are not IS collaborators (just the contrary, in fact), the Kurdish conquest of Azaz will make the final and total defeat of the IS on the Turkish border much more likely, which is absolutely necessary in cutting off the IS’s supply lines. The Syrian rebels in Azaz are also collaborating with al-Nusra, which, may I remind you, is just as fundamentalist as ever.

The Obama administration has promoted Kurdish expansionism in Syria since October of last year, when it decided to not give Kobani to the IS. It has since sent 50 military officers to aid the Kurds of Hasakah and cis-Euphrates Aleppo province in their fights against the IS. If so, why the previous IS expansion to Kobani in September-October 2014? Perhaps, the Obama administration’s permission of IS expansion in the Kobani pocket in September-October of last year was an attempt to create stronger Kurdish-Arab collaboration to pave the way for future Kurdish expansion. After all, one has a much stronger incentive to turn to territorial expansion and to seek allies if one is feeling threatened by foreign enemies (cf., Israel, 1967). In Spring of this year, Syrian Kurds captured Tell Abyad, an amazing feat of military strength. Kurds are not part of the Axis of Resistance, so U.S. support for them does not contradict its current policy of not overthrowing Assad, but placing AoR forces into a grueling and endless battle against IS and Syrian rebel forces.
Screenshot (98)
-Map of present Kurdish offensives in Syria (yellow arrows show direction, not speed). Map from Wikipedia, a highly reliable source for information on the geography of the conflict since Spring 2013.


Turkiye Delenda Est

War! War! War!

A few weeks ago, I called for nuking Turkey. Today, I make this announcement ever louder. Turkey is the largest obstacle to the elimination of the Islamic State in the entire Middle East. Turkey today is Nazi Germany in WW II, but if Nazi Germany was a democracy and the Nazi leadership denied its support for the perpetrators of the (very public) Holocaust, while being adamant that “Stalin Must Go” and both in rhetoric and in fact backing anti-Semitic local nationalist groups against Stalin (while launching some fake airstrikes against the worst of them and allowing some Jewish groups to take control of parts of its border to distract attention). Also, if two-thirds of the population supported Hitler, with support being strongest among the lowest-educated. In such a case, the people of Nazi Germany would have deserved a lot worse than what they actually got (and what they got was pretty bad). And today, Turkey has, contrary to its response to every other trespassing of its airspace by every other country, shot down a plane bombing various rebel positions in a crucial (and I mean this) corner of Northern Syria near the border of Antioch, Latakia, and Idlib provinces. Now, if you look at a map of this area, you would not wonder why the Russian plane took its route -it’s extremely convenient and next to impossible to avoid. In a just world, where Turkey did not foment civil war as one of the foremost arms of the Great Satan, the province of Antioch would belong to Syria, and would have never been Turkified. Sadly, Antioch is surely safer now under Turkish control than if Turkey had committed to its same policies with Antioch belonging to Syria.

Were I Putin today, I would have said nothing. Instead, I would have launched a retaliatory nuclear first strike on Ankara, either preceding or succeeding the announcement of an ultimatum.

War! War! War!