Gochujang says

I had a friend, and later California millionare, who was sent down to a rural village as a child for family reeducation. You would not have known it. Very well integrated to Orange County, despite growing up in a poor village dedicated to manual raking, drying, sea salt.. And perhaps in a Buddhist philosophy way of dealing with it, I only know from the funny stories he told at lunch. Like the time he and a classmate had to clean the school’s pit toilet, carry a big bucket and a pole between the two of them. They decide to ditch it, splash a teacher they didn’t see. Get in big trouble. Ha ha.

His family stayed intact, and he and his brothers went on to sucess in various ways. I would say my friend was consistent with the conclusions above.

I never talked to him about it, but I suspect the Buddhist culture helps. “Well, that happened.”

I reply:

Lots of places are Buddhist. But only Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, and possibly Mongolia have the IQ and work ethic needed to succeed in Western society. Just look at Vietnamese v. Cambodians v. Laotians in the U.S. Giant gaps.

Also, more evidence the achievements of East Asians relative to Mexicans in the U.S. are mostly not environmentally based.


And, BTW, two of those paper’s findings were contrary to my expectations (support for more equality and less support for luck as a major factor in success), but I guess they kind of make sense and are consistent with the traditional features of rural China.