Monday Assorted Links

1. Shale booms increase support for Republican candidates.

2. Air pollution only affects violent crime.

3. Your tax $ at work. Note that even the NYT commenters, usually a pretty pinko bunch, aren’t accepting of such poz.

4. Russian self-perception of personal freedom near an all-time high.

5. Merkel capitulates; closed borders vindicated.

6. The Paris conference has no chance of success at its stated aims.

7. Putin has been what Russians wanted all along.

8. The Great Satan pretends to be the Great Savior.

Again, if you want access to any one NBER paper, comment below and I’ll email it to you.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

3 thoughts on “Monday Assorted Links”

  1. I’d like access to all NBER papers. Like, if you start a mailing list that just contains abstracts and links to separately-hosted free pdfs of all recent NBER articles, I would sign up. I would even pay a small fee for the service, say $1/month. As your counterpart observed years ago, the NBER pay-to-download system is a bizarre, Pareto-inefficient equilibrium: link. Ultimately it probably boils down to some question about whose grant money is used to pay for certain secretaries whose have been steadily being supplanted by technology as time progresses and old economists die.

    1. Actually perusing the comments to that old MR post I linked, it seems like I can trivially get them for free by signing up for a Romanian email address. So I’ll revise down my reservation price to $1/year.

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