How You Should Stop Worrying and Learn To Love the Trump

When Donald Trump started publicly and loudly speculating of a potential Presidential campaign in early 2011, I was disgusted. He was by far the least credible and sensible candidate, and there seemed to be no way he could win anything other than an unpopularity contest among the heads of the left media.

His potential campaign seemed to be based solely on questioning Obama’s legitimacy as President via questioning the legitimacy of his short-form birth certificate -something which he does not now do to Canadian-born Ted Cruz. He was a blowhard without substance; a wannabe politician without policy, a veritable demagogue whose stench would be an embarrassment to the whole Republican field were he to ever actually enter the Presidential race. After the week in which Barack Obama killed Bin Laden (but only, as we later would learn, to take control of the global Jihadist movement himself) and revealed his long-form birth certificate, Trump the politician was silenced, never again to see the light of day for over four years.

And he has arisen.

Today, the circumstances are entirely different from those in 2011. The Great Satan has grown ever bolder in challenging the Axis of Resistance, the Arab Spring is dead, its advocates embarrassed, Obama has created the new Islamic State to attract adherents away from genuine threats to U.S. hegemony like Bin Laden and has planted it in Libya, Syria, and Iraq, whole nations are destroyed by the will of the Great Satan, Russia is under threat by NATO expansion (but it has also recovered Krim; a great victory) and a migrant crisis has erupted resulting from NATO activity that began precisely in 2011. And amazingly enough, in these circumstances, Donald Trump, while badly imperfect, is by far the sanest of all the candidates running for President.

Due to his political moderation, combined with his support for 1880s1920s -American-style immigration restriction, the left has jumped at calling Donald Trump a fashist.

Yet, on the Russia question, it is only Trump and Rand Paul who visibly aren’t fascists. And even Rand Paul has flirted with a nutty Ukraine policy, though nowhere near as nutty as that of that arch-fascist (seriously, this time) Tom Cotton. Thus, the Trump has the sanest foreign policy of all the GOP Presidential candidates. The only major Presidential candidate in either party this season who is even close to the Trump’s level of sanity on foreign policy is the wannabe First Jewish President.

On the Syrian front, only Trump favors the Russian military assistance there. Not even Paul is for it, and Carson desires to be nothing more than another negroid* face of the Great Satan.

Indeed, there might be another reason Trump is being called a fashist by his opponents, but which nobody has yet admitted: he is the only man on the Presidential campaign this year not to grovel before the elders of Zion, especially Zion’s chief elder, Sheldon Adelson, the owner of the most-read paper in Israel.

-Edit: he has made promises to Adelson, but, unlike all the other candidates, he did so from a position of strength -“I’ve spent time talking to Donald Trump. Do I agree with him on every issue? No. But it’s unlikely that any American agrees with his or her preferred candidate on every issue”. And it was a good way of shutting up all those #NeverTrump cuckservatives, neoconservatives, and neocohenservatives.

So if you want credible candidates on foreign policy, the most important policy a U.S. President can directly affect next to the appointment of Supreme Court justices, here you have them: the guy who’s in favor of shutting off all Muslim immigration and thinks vaccines cause autism and the guy who wants a $15 minimum wage and capitulates to Negromaidans on his doorstep. Both, sadly, are strongly protectionist in their trade policy proposals.

But, you say, the Jew is honest and the billionaire is a demagogue! Firstly, this, most likely, is simply an artifact of selection bias. But even if true, does it matter if everything Assad said was lies and everything Baghdadi said was true? Would the former still not be preferable to the latter? Is not a $7.25 minimum wage preferable to a $15 one? Was not the Greek fascist junta of the turn of the 1960s preferable to the parliament of Papandreou in the 1980s?

“Of course”, you answer if you know your economics and economic history. So man up. Take up your ballot, pinch your nose, and vote for the Donald. He’s by no means perfect (esp. on Snowden), but he sure beats cucks, fascists, cultists and madmen.

BTW, I must thank Lawrence Murray of and Roissy, both White Nationalist bloggers, for helping me see and understand the significance of Trump before he rose to his highest-ever gross approval ratings of the campaign season.

BTW #2, I announced my official endorsement of Donald Trump for President in a Slate Star Codex comment in September of this year. I am repeating it louder today.

*”Black” here would have a double meaning, which is not what I wanted to convey.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

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