Tuesday Assorted Links

1. U.S. military uses forged Islamic State leaflets as propaganda.

2. A retired flight surgeon’s review of Neurotribes.

3. James Thompson on secular rises in average British brain size between 1860 and 1980.

4. Hillary as bad as Trump on civil liberties.

5. Sumner explaining his previous weird post and why lower interest rates cause lower money velocity.

6. A social psychologist with an unusual background challenging uncritically accepted leftist claims in his field.

7. More see economic conditions as fair, more see slowdown of recovery, most support minimum wage hike, but wide variation in support of exact price floor among that majority.

8. U.S. lets four times as many suspected terrorists and sympathizers in as it keeps out.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

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