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This blog was founded around 11 AM-12PM Eastern Time on December 29, 2010. By far the most notable event relating to the lands of the Bible and their archaeology which has happened since that day has been the destruction of Libya, Syria, and northern Iraq, by the vile Obama administration and its servant, the Islamic State, which today rules Syrtis, Raqqa, Tadmor, Calah, Nineveh, Mari, Hatra, and virtually all the land of Aram-Naharim. Never on that day or at any time before could I have imagined this occurring.

When I started this blog, Syria seemed like a stable oasis of peace, full of fertile archaeological sites to be explored in the next half decade. By the command of the Great Satan, this has been turned into a land dominated by a covertly U.S., Turkish, and Israeli-backed Caliphate, created by Obama to crush the back of the Axis of Resistance while encouraging the rise of new domestic terrorists to destroy civil liberties both at home and abroad. Less than half a year after I started my blog, Obama killed Bin Laden. We know know that this was not in legitimate and serious faith to fight against the threat of Islamist militancy, but a ploy; a vile and despicable ploy for the Great Satan to take control of the international jihadist movement, destroying any true resistance to its plans for world domination by stealth. Libya seemed like a pretty damaged place, but still a stable one, and not one likely to be home to a U.S. backed faux-reactionary caliphate any time soon.

Nevertheless, despite all the setbacks the Syrian government has suffered during the past year- the loss of Palmyra, Mahin, Bosra, and almost all of Idlib province- it has continued to make gains on the outskirts of Damascus and Aleppo and has gained a new direct ally in the form of Russian airstrikes by that champion of Russian sovereignty and international strength and credit, the most powerful White man in the world, Vladimir Putin. Though the airstrikes have not been effective at effecting any significant territorial transfers, they have weakened the heart of the enemy and have led to renewed confidence among anti-Islamist fighters. Indeed, even as we speak, the Syrian Kurds are advancing across Tishrin dam to combat the American-created menace (although, bitterly enough, by the will of the Americans). There is also good news on the Iraqi front, with Sinjar, Ramadi, Baiji, and Tikrit having been recaptured by previously unwilling elected Iraqi political entities all in the past six months. But we have to remember this is all reversing the losses made during the past two years, and that none of these cities were controlled by any Obama State on the day this blog was founded. Things could have gone differently were different people in charge of the Executive Office (though the present head of the Great Satan may well have been much superior to the vast majority of alternate contenders for that office- thus is the state of America).

I am also hopeful this year for prospects for American politics. Despite the loss of Ron Paul as Representative for Galveston, a great tragedy which shall be mourned, Congress has gained another, much more credible, yet, lukewarm advocate of liberty in the form of his son, Rand Paul, who, sadly, has condemned Russia’s rightful reunification with Krim. However, the most positive development in American politics this year has been the transformation and the rise of Donald Trump, who, while by no means a friend of liberty, free commerce, and privacy, has by far the best foreign policy of any Republican candidate, while also being the clear front-runner today for the Republican nomination.

Though the Ramat Rachel and Ramat Rahel WordPress blogs have not, as of yet, been developed, a new blog has sprung up of my authorship, the Marginal Counterrevolution, a true great addition to the realm of countering the censorship of my comments at the original Marginal Revolution, perhaps the easiest blog to write in the world, as well as whose authors are the most overrated.

My thinking has changed in the past five years. It has become less libertarian, more sympathetic to the claims of racists, sexists, anti-semites, and homophobes, and less concerned with offending the Left. But I have also become less conspiratorial, preferring to see the world of human affairs as a product of interactions between genetics, sincere dreams, conspiracies, and environment, with me having completely failed to have seen the importance of the first on the day of this blog’s foundation, and having neglected the importance of the second. I have also vastly improved in my understanding of macroeconomics, switching from relying mostly on the Austrian school, to relying upon that lightning and sun, that man who is most like what gods are imagined to be, Scott Sumner, a truly great exponent of sound opinion on monetary policy, inequality, and taxation.

This blog has been visited about the same number of times each year since 2013. Comments are down significantly this year, with G.M. Grena preferring to send me notifications by email. This was the year in which the greatest number of pictures was uploaded to this blog, but the number of megabytes of pictures uploaded was also the second-smallest in this blog’s history. The rate of posting has also improved since last year, largely due to greater free time on my part, but this has been almost entirely due to the publication of posts not related to the Lands of the Bible -though I am still sharp there as well, debating some other person on the relevant subject in the comments of this post.

All my most popular posts during my most popular day of each year were above-average ones, with the exception, perhaps, of my first year’s. For some reason, since 2012, every single year my most popular post of the year has been Ron Wyatt: the Saga of the Ark of the Covenant. I consider it a good piece of investigative blogging, but due to its partially speculative nature, it’s by no means the best post on this site.

Let this blog have at least fifteen more years of advocacy and information.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

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