1. Munger on comparative advantage v. opportunity cost (Hat tip: Don Bordeaux).

2. This year in blasphemy criminalization. Plenty of U.S. allies here (Islamic State, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, 1991 Restoration State, Bahrain), as well as some surprises for the less sophisticated observer (New Zealand, Denmark, Singapore).

3. Don Bordeaux on reasoning from minimum wage to CEO compensation.

4. Life after the Islamic State.

5. Krugman calls for a housing bubble, tries to weasel out of it, then blames capitalism. Fun.

6. “I disagree with Razib Khan on a lot of things”. Biggest unintentional understatement of the year. If biologists from such distant sides of the aisle so strongly agree then this subject, then it is Law.

7. “The book of Europe and ancient DNA is coming to a close in regards to outlines of the tapestry. We are in the phase of filling in details, and scholars need to truly become interdisciplinary, and marry what genes are telling us about demographics, with linguistics, archaeology, and folklore.

8. Reagan did a Nixon on monetary policy.