1. Obama wrong on the turrists created by him using Gitmo as a key point in their propaganda. As he created the turrists, is he lying or just ignorant? If it’s the latter, Obama is more dangerous than I thought.

2. Razib Khan on the metapolitical, psychological and ideological aspects of the rise of the Islamist international. Really good. Probably the best article on Razib’s blog in 2015, other than that really long one on the origin of the races of Europe.

3. Roissy on that horrid Google propaganda ad, which I saw, to the disgust of my eyes and ears.

4. Obama administration kicks own goal on Iran.

5. Education Realist’s new proposal for the worst students, government-owned schools, and charter schools. Funny, ’cause it’s true.

6. Not-so-psychic medical-related predictions for the current year.

7. What was learned about Pluto last year.

8. The features of North Korea’s Linux-based Red Star operating system.