Imagine 2008.

Marginal Counterrevolution

Before the 2008 election, James Dobson wrote this letter to Obama’s America. Of course, the vast majority of it was inaccurate, and much of it was hilariously off-base. Nevertheless, had it included the below points in 2008, it would have been the most prophetic document ever, and it would still have been laughed off by the vast majority of Americans for being ridiculous:

In Obama’s first term:

1. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell will be repealed.
2. Bin Laden will be killed by U.S. forces.
3. Moammar Gaddafi’s government will be overthrown with U.S. bombs, with the U.S. taking advantage of a popular uprising in that country. Gaddafi will be killed by U.S. backed-rebels in Sirte after the rebel capture of Tripoli.
4. A series of protests in Syria will turn into a U.S. and Turkey-backed civil war, leading to much of the country falling outside government control and into…

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