1. Healthcare remarks and strong Rubio responses hurt Trump in Betfair by 5.7 percentage points

2. Donald Trump basically took my October 2013-mid-2014 stance on Libya in 2011. I first opposed the Libyan regime change from the start, then supported it in October 2013 when I saw the polls from 2012 showing the people overwhelmingly supported the revolution, then in Summer 2014 realized Osatan had no intention of achieving stability in Libya and started opposing it again. I’m more consistent in my position than Trump, but had Trump been President in 2011, he would have had a much better policy than Obama, whatever it may have been. Taking Libya’s oil is especially a very good idea. In any case, Trump’s still one flip-flop ahead of Hillary, and quite possibly one ten-year-long flip-flop. I’d rather vote for the wolf in sheep’s clothing than the wolf in wolf’s’ clothing.

3. Trump’s hiring of foreign workers in Florida justified.

4. Monetary correlations with oil prices

5. SJW biologist recognizes the anti-SJW biology nature of Idiocracy

6. Strong correlation between percentage democrat and percentage supporting environmental regulations

7. Turkiye delenda est.

8. Status 451 presents “What is Neoreaction”?