Kasich’s Jobs Record Completely Ordinary

Kasich often touts his jobs record as some kind of evidence of his administration’s success. Well, here are the unemployment rates of the great states of Florida, Michigan, and Ohio relative to that of the United States:

Screenshot (249)

As of January 2016, Michigan and Ohio had unemployment rates exactly the same as the national one, and Florida had one a tad bit higher, but not by a significant number. Ohio under Kasich shows no sign of any sort of extraordinary jobs improvement. Unemployment was roughly the national rate when he came into power as Governor and remains roughly the national rate now. Granholm (second term), as well as Snyder (second term), however, do show extraordinary unemployment rate improvement, though Granholm’s second term did not go far enough in fixing the economic disaster of her first term, and Snyder’s first term was pretty meh. Florida also had some improvement since 2011, though less than Michigan under Snyder.

So, if you’re considering voting for Kasich (I didn’t, due to his mad Russo– and Sino- phobias and his even madder Turkophilia) because of his jobs record, I politely ask you to reconsider your views. I wouldn’t want the U.S. to get into a nuclear war, or allow Jihadists and their enablers (basically all Turks) right of free migration into the E.U. as citizens.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

7 thoughts on “Kasich’s Jobs Record Completely Ordinary”

  1. If he wasn’t a fairly popular center-right white guy from the Midwest, this would be a three man (and probably 2 man) race by now.

    That being said, a Kasich admin would not lead to a nuclear war and would have little/no influence on EU migration policy.

    1. How do you know it wouldn’t lead to nuclear war? Kasich is very Russophobic and is all too willing to play with fire (cyberattacks, Syria). And it’s not the influence that matters, it’s the instincts.

      The reason Kasich’s still in the race is because of his second-place finish in New Hampshire.

      The two-man race would have been very bad for Trump had Kasich and Rubio dropped out after New Hampshire after seeing they had no path to the nomination (like Jim Gilmore).

      1. Quite simple. The tensions between the US and Russia are nowhere near their climax that they were at during the Cold War (while they are also not at their nadir either). Apocalyptic predictions of nuclear war in a world of MAD remains quite foolish.

        Also it seems “Russophobic” is just code for “realizes we have different national interests that sometimes clash”

          1. Probably him simply saying that Russia poses a threat/obstacle to US foreign policy interests and goals. So did FDR. So did Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, Carter, Ford, Reagan, JFK, and Bush. Shockingly no nuclear war occurred. The notion that any GOP (or Democratic) candidate is going to start some nuclear war because of “Russophobia” is about as ridiculous as some Bolton telling us Russia is going to water their horses on the Rhine.

            1. Nicaragua and Vietnam are not Ukraine and Georgia. And who knows what those candidates think. Their rhetoric is almost totally disconnected from real life. Sure, I estimate the risk of nuclear war under these guys to be small (around 3-10%), but way higher than under Obama.

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