Kasich often touts his jobs record as some kind of evidence of his administration’s success. Well, here are the unemployment rates of the great states of Florida, Michigan, and Ohio relative to that of the United States:

Screenshot (249)

As of January 2016, Michigan and Ohio had unemployment rates exactly the same as the national one, and Florida had one a tad bit higher, but not by a significant number. Ohio under Kasich shows no sign of any sort of extraordinary jobs improvement. Unemployment was roughly the national rate when he came into power as Governor and remains roughly the national rate now. Granholm (second term), as well as Snyder (second term), however, do show extraordinary unemployment rate improvement, though Granholm’s second term did not go far enough in fixing the economic disaster of her first term, and Snyder’s first term was pretty meh. Florida also had some improvement since 2011, though less than Michigan under Snyder.

So, if you’re considering voting for Kasich (I didn’t, due to his mad Russo– and Sino- phobias and his even madder Turkophilia) because of his jobs record, I politely ask you to reconsider your views. I wouldn’t want the U.S. to get into a nuclear war, or allow Jihadists and their enablers (basically all Turks) right of free migration into the E.U. as citizens.