Start with the 2012 electoral college map:

That’s 206 electoral college votes for the Trump, right off the bat.

Add Virginia (Rmoney: 47.28%), Ohio (Rmoney: 47.69%), and Florida (Rmoney: 49.13%).

That’s 266 electoral college votes for the Republican. In any case, Florida will go for Trump.

And $Hillary still wins.

Now that we’re out of easy states, what’s needed for Trump to win is exactly one of the following Slippery Small Swing States:

Pennsylvania (not Small, not Swing, but Slippery- Rmoney: 46.59%)

New Hampshire (Rmoney: 46.40%)

Iowa (Rmoney: 46.18%)

Colorado (Rmoney: 46.13%)

Nevada (Rmoney: 45.68%)

In conclusion, Trump’s best bet is aggressively funding the Green Party. Hopefully, Jill Stein will be able to pick up some of Hillary’s votes in the Slippery Small Swing States, especially among New Hampshire’s Berniebros. There is evidence Trump will be able to do better in New Hampshire’s democratic-leaning districts than the average non-Trump Republican presidential candidate would have. Trump won more votes than Her in the primary there back in February.

Here’s some encouraging info from Wikipedia:

Consequently, Obama became the first incumbent since Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1940 to get reelected with fewer electoral votes and a lower popular vote percentage

That 2008 aura may be fading. Without incumbent advantage, Obama might well have lost the electoral vote in 2012.

Of course, I supported Obama in 2012, because Romney was a terrible candidate. He was elitist, unpatriotic, and establishment.