1. Razib makes a good point about Syrian Sunnis

2. Financialization may be mostly about closed access housing, intellectual property policy

3. Russia is the only major country in which more people support Trump over Hillary

4. I say “I just became and American” and the average citizen says “Congratulations!!!”. I say the same thing to my academic coworkers and I get almost the same response: “Congratulations?” -From cuck and low-T loser Chris Blattmann, giving us an accidental insight of why intellectuals are fags

5. Caplan comes out against trolling. What a surprise. Pure Brahmin. I Disagree. Trolling works. It’s a weapon of the powerless against the institutionally powerful.

6. Audacious Epigone makes a case for Trump being soft on Sanders

7. Sailer on the San Fran Whitening Plan

8. U.S.A. Freedom Act means less than nothing; news at 11

9. Larger kippas=more religious