1. The most Democratic city in California has a serious property crime problem (inequality causes crime?)

2. Country 404

3. Ted Cruz gets the support of his Black roommate. And someone who has a bust of MLK on his desk may be too naive to get my vote (but is by all means better than Clinton or Sanders’s open race-baiting).

4. Should college be funded like government schools?

5. Maoism Third Worldism. Certainly less opportunistic than Sanders’s statements that while people should cross borders freely, no goods should.

6. Tweet of the day

7. More YPG/SDF offensives planned in Syria

8. Why is there no Market Keynesianism? And Sumner is wrong on the nature of truth.

9. Neither of Austria’s two main parties made it to the presidential run-off (the fire rises)

10. Secular increases in height