1. Some Black politicians are really stupid. Not an April Fools’.

2. Decomposition

3. Why some Brazilians want to go back to military dictatorship (might it be due to the fact the 1970s had the highest RGDP growth in peacetime Brazilian history?). Also, didn’t know Roussef was a Communist guerilla or tortured.

4. Manafort on Face the Nation

5. Police can’t ask for your passcode, but can force you to unlock your phone with TouchID

6. Ideas didn’t build America. People with ideas built America.

7. Gallup’s Key Indicators: Trump +20, Kasich +19, Cruz -2 among Republicans, Hillary +46, Sanders +53 among Dems. Cruz’s unlikeability is getting to him.

8. The California Senate Debate, starring Ron Unz. Everyone knows a Democratic woman’s gonna win, but this time, she’ll be Gentile.