Some of the more ignorant may look at this situation:

And assess that the situation is hopeless for the GOP winning future Presidential elections. After all, Reagan won in a landslide with 56% of the non-Hispanic White vote and Romney lost by a comfortable margin in 2012 with 59%. So, it is argued, the GOP must appeal to more non-White voters to win any future Presidential elections.

I answer: Reagan won Vermont. And Romney won fewer votes than Bush ’04. That should shut any criticism of the Sailer Strategy up right there.


The red dot is Florida. The light green dot is Pennsylvania. The dark green dot is Ohio. Romney winning all three of those states was enough for him to win the Presidential election. Of course, he won none of them. Is it really that hard to get the non-Hispanic White vote up in these three states by a few percentage points?

I don’t think so.