1. Sex and the Donald

2. How to learn the Ugaritic Alphabet

3. Tweet of the year

4. Abbot district

5. This fictional pundit really did predict the exact results of the Iowa Caucus -and way more primary winners than Nate Silver. He didn’t do so eerily well at forecasting New Hampshire on the Republican side, though.

6. Marco Rubio had an identical Syria policy to Hillary Clinton (old knowledge, new interview for us to laugh at him)

7. More Christian than Muslim Israelis agree there is a contradiction between Israel’s Judaism and Democracy

8. Charles Lister asks “Moderate Rebels” to cover up their cooperation with al-Qaeda (this wasn’t happening when Obama came into office!)

9. Bill Gates calls the ed tech bluff

10. Ron Paul endorses Unz for U.S. Senate (Hat Tip: Scott Sumner)