The Original Know-Nothings Were Largely Northeasterners

In the year 1854, the Native American, or Know-Nothing Party rapidly emerged as a political force, to almost as rapidly disappear in succeeding years as a result of the growing prominence of the slavery question. Its origin was the result of the collapse of the Whig Party, and its main goal was the lengthening naturalization requirements for new immigrants and the reduction of their role in public life, with the targets being largely clannish, Irish, and Catholic -definitely the Wrong Kind of White People. Here is where its representatives in Congress were elected in that year (more yellow=greater portion of representatives):


Yes, in 1854, Native Americans won every representative seat in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. All of them states that Trump easily won in contested primaries and Obama won in 2012. None of them townie backwaters.

The Native Americans obviously did gain support from townie backwaters, like Kentucky and Tennessee. But their core base of support in 1854 was the Northeast. In New England, Native Americans were almost all future Lincoln voters. The vast majority of them were descendants of Puritans. Those in Massachusetts supported, as per the Puritan habit, progressive legislation, including (obviously) business regulations, a vast expansion of the welfare state, women’s liberation, anti-corruption legislation, moralistic restrictions on the sale and consumption of alcohol, non-enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Act, and desegregation ordinances (which Irish Catholics, being clannish and uncucked, strongly opposed). In the South, I presume most of them voted for Bell (an anti-secession, pro-slavery Whig), though a great number must have voted for Breckinridge (a pro-slavery, later pro-secession Democrat). In Delaware and Maryland, support for Native Americans was a clear effort to preserve elite coastal Cavalier English Protestant culture from the ravages of clannish Catholic foreigners. In Tennessee and Kentucky, neither the newcomers nor the old settlers were especially elite, so the conflict between the Border Reivers and Irish Catholics was largely a pure clan war based at least partly on religion.

Lincoln, of course, was too cucked to be a Native American. In this way, he was a predecessor of the northern White Democratic cucks of today, who fear not Molenbeek, as they have no expectation Muslims would disagree with them on any important policy issue, much less outvote them on it.

When Muslim Arabs become the Wrong Kind of White People, then we’ll see the progressive backlash against their immigration.

Author: pithom

An atheist with an interest in the history of the ancient Near East. Author of the Against Jebel al-Lawz Wordpress blog.

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